Imlie 17th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 17th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The Chaudhrys joyously celebrate the Makar Sankranti festival. Agastya proudly boasts to Sonali, Imlie, and Shivani about being the best kite flier in Purvaiya. Imlie, confident in her skills, challenges him, leading to a playful banter between them. Their playful exchange is interrupted by Daadi, who scolds them for squabbling during the festive occasion, urging them to enjoy the festival together.

Imlie, inspired by Daadi’s words, suggests inviting Navya and Vishwa to join their celebration, despite the ongoing animosity. Agastya opposes the idea, but Daadi appreciates it, instructing Imlie to bring them into the festivities. Inside the house, Imlie is shocked to find Vishwa in a deteriorating condition. Avinash reveals that Vishwa has diabetes, hasn’t eaten due to Navya’s anger, and is on a hunger strike. Imlie takes immediate action, administering insulin to Vishwa.

Concerned for Vishwa, Imlie knocks on Navya’s door, urging her to come out. Navya remains unresponsive. Imlie reveals Vishwa’s critical condition, accusing Navya of using him for revenge against the Chaudhry family. Navya dismisses the claims, but Imlie exposes her indifference when a fabricated fire alarm prompts Navya to prioritize her own safety over Vishwa’s well-being.

Chaudhrys rush in, with Agastya questioning Imlie about the fire. Imlie confesses to the lie, revealing Navya’s true colors. Navya defends herself, insisting that an orphan like Imlie cannot understand parental love. An argument ensues, and Navya slaps Imlie. Vishwa, angered, threatens to ruin Imlie’s life, taking Navya away.

Agastya contemplates involving the police, but Imlie urges him to seek reconciliation instead. They decide to participate in a kite-flying competition, and Imlie challenges Agastya to a duel. Meanwhile, Shivani receives a mysterious call from Meera, instructing Sonali to visit Chaudhry Sweets’ old factory to uncover the truth about Kunal’s death on January 20th.

The kite-flying competition begins with the Dheel De Dheel Dede Re Bhaiya.. song playing in the background. Imlie, noticing her team losing, resorts to playful tricks to turn the tide in their favor. The competition ends with Agastya’s team emerging victorious. As the family gathers for a meal, Agastya reminds Imlie of the pending challenge, leaving her in suspense.

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