Imlie 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Imlie 11th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Imlie Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Imlie thanks God that Surya has regained his senses and apologizes to him for yelling at him. Surya also says sorry for not understanding the truth earlier. Then Binni walks in. Imlie tells Binni that her secret will be revealed in two minutes, and she should tell the Chaudhry family herself if she wants her baby to have a normal life. Binni gets nervous. Surya shows Binni and her husband’s photo and says it’s very dangerous. He burns it. Imlie is shocked and tries to save the picture, but she fails. Then Daadi enters with the family and asks Surya if he called them. Surya says he called them for an important announcement. He asks Binni if she will marry him, leaving everyone surprised. Binni agrees. Daadi becomes very happy and says she will arrange their wedding as soon as possible to keep them safe from Imlie’s evil eye. Surya asks Govind to fix the wedding date with the help of the priest and invite guests and villagers.

Later, Imlie asks Surya if helping her was just an act. Surya says her secret is out now; Binni tried to warn him many times, but he blindly trusted Imlie. He shows a diamond pouch and says he found it in her room. Imlie asks what it is. He says it’s Raghu’s diamonds and insists she tell the truth, or he will destroy her family. Imlie pleads with him to see the truth and not to go down a wrong path. He becomes stubborn and warns her to be ready for his punishment.

Daadi excitedly tells Rajni to call a tailor immediately because the priest has set the wedding date for this week. Sonali asks Daadi why she’s rushing for the wedding. Daadi says there’s a need because Imlie will try her best to stop the wedding and might even do the engagement tomorrow. Raji asks Sonali why she’s not happy about the wedding and what’s bothering her. Alka says Sonali is worried about her friend Imlie. Sonali says Imlie is sacrificing a lot for them, and even now, she’s sacrificing her happiness. Daadi says she doesn’t want to hear all this.

Surya gets ready for the engagement. Malti asks Nirmala to attend Surya’s engagement ceremony. Nirmala refuses, saying he decided to marry a widow without her permission, so he should face the consequences; she just doesn’t want him to ruin her reputation. Binni also gets ready for the engagement. Imlie advises Binni not to marry Surya because he thinks she’s wrong and is marrying her to get back at Imlie. But Binni refuses to listen. Surya rudely calls Imlie a servant and tells her to serve the guests. Imlie serves juice to the guests. Shivani tells her not to do it because she’s not a servant. Meanwhile, Amrith enters the house silently and puts Sonali and Amar’s photos on a projector. Surya starts an argument with Imlie, purposely spills juice on his clothes, and blames Imlie for it. Daadi tells him to change his clothes. Surya asks if he can wear Agastya’s clothes to emotionally hurt Imlie, and Daadi agrees.

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