Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 24th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 24th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Doriyaan 24 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Simrit instructs Sunny to address Jeet as “father” henceforth. Overhearing this conversation, Jass is taken aback. Meanwhile, Rajvinder assists Teji in selecting a lehenga for her upcoming wedding. Just as Jass is about to intervene, Heer diverts Jass Bhabhi’s attention to her room. Heer reminisces about her conversation with Jeet, where she expressed her inability to love him and proposed that he marry Teji instead. Informing Jass about the imminent wedding in ten days, Heer advises him to maintain silence. Despite Bhabhi’s insistence on revealing the truth and not allowing Heer to sacrifice her love, Heer deflects Jeet’s curiosity by claiming to hide his wedding gift as a surprise. Jeet, however, asserts his preference for choosing his own extravagant gift and extends an invitation to Jass for Holi before his marriage.

Amid preparations, Heer tasks Teji with selecting the engagement ring. Teji, feigning forgetfulness, prompts Heer to make the choice instead. Jeet, curious about Heer’s preference, allows her to select a ring, which he then places on her finger. The ring seller mistakenly assumes Heer to be the bride, leading to playful banter. Meanwhile, Rajvinder jests about finding a groom for Heer while secretly plotting to make her life miserable by marrying her off. Despite Heer’s reluctance to remarry, Rajvinder and Teji advocate for companionship, with Teji emphasizing the importance of having a partner. As preparations for Holi commence, Sartaj informs Heer of her parents’ impending arrival and his intention to discuss her marriage with them.

Elsewhere, Gurmeet’s distress escalates as he locks himself in and threatens suicide. His father intervenes, disarms Gurmeet, and averts the crisis. Amidst the Holi festivities at the Atwal household, Simrit, Sunny, and Teji extend invitations to Heer, who declines to participate. Rajvinder encourages Teji to celebrate her first Holi with Jeet, emphasizing the significance of the occasion. Jeet insists that Teji join the celebrations, expressing his joy at having someone to share the festival with for the first time. Heer’s parents’ arrival prompts inquiries about her happiness regarding Jeet’s impending marriage to Teji.

Attempting to intervene, Jass offers Heer a sweet treat and questions Jeet’s decision to marry someone else despite his love for Heer. Jeet reacts defensively, rebuffing Jass’s accusations and departing in frustration. Heer seeks Jeet’s assistance in finding a job for her brother, to which Jeet agrees brusquely. Perplexed by Jeet’s behavior, Heer implores him to revert to their childhood friendship. Jeet, resentful of Heer’s previous request for solitude, announces his intention to apply color to the person most significant to him, planning to target Teji. However, amidst the playful revelry, Jeet inadvertently showers Heer with color, symbolizing their enduring bond.

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