Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 12th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

At Sunny and Simrit’s parent-teacher meeting, the teachers suggest a game for parents to test compatibility. Jeet hesitates because they’re not the kids’ real parents, but Heer steps in and insists they play. She even refers to Jeet as her husband, which surprises him. He feels happy that Heer is acting differently today. When another parent praises their love, Jeet wonders why he didn’t notice Heer’s love before.

Heer worries that Jeet might think she’s acting crazy for calling him her husband. She tries to talk to Jeet privately, but they misunderstand each other. Meanwhile, Heer believes Jeet understands why she’s pretending and feels relieved. Sartaj and Teji return home, but Rajwinder scolds them for coming back early.

Teji tells Rajwinder that Sartaj’s back pain has improved with physiotherapy. Sartaj avoids Rajwinder’s questions and goes to rest. Rajwinder tells Teji to go to school alone to check on the kids, hoping to create distance between Jeet and Heer. Heer and Jeet participate in the compatibility game, answering questions about each other. Jeet wonders if he should have hope based on the game’s outcome. Teji’s car tire punctures on the way to school.

Sunny’s friend predicts their parents will win, which excites the kids. Teji calls Rajwinder for help, but Rajwinder decides to return home instead. Heer and Jeet impress the teacher by writing the same favorite memory, and they are declared winners. Jeet believes he and Heer are meant for each other. However, after the meeting, Heer reveals the fake couple act to Jeet, leaving him heartbroken.

Heer tries to follow Jeet to talk, but she receives a call from Jasmine saying that Beant has been missing for five hours. Jeet feels hurt thinking about the recent incident. The kids thank Jeet for pretending to be their parents, and Jeet regrets his unnecessary scolding of Heer. Heer asks Jeet to take the kids home as she needs to help Jasmine urgently. Jasmine tells Heer that she couldn’t contact Beant and asks for Jeet’s help to find her.

Preview: Teji overhears someone saying that any girl would be lucky to marry Jeet. Rajwinder suggests that Teji could be that girl, shocking her. Rajwinder tells Teji that she should do it not for herself but for her kids. Heer, alone on the street, admits she’s scared because Jeet isn’t with her.

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