Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Shikha serves breakfast to Anvi and says that today is her final exam and even Savi is worried for Savi and says that she is not picking her calls at all. Anvi advises her to try now as Savi would have calmed down now. Shikha says she is fine and calls Savi. Savi notes Shikha’s call and thinks that he and Chinmay called her multiple times, if she would talk to him or not. She picks up the call. Shikha asks where is she, Chinme searched for her all night, will she send food for her? Savi says they are fine and they don’t need to worry about it. Shikha says Chinme arranged for her food and accommodation. Savi says she knows he is worried for her, but she doesn’t want to take help from anyone who is related to Ishaan. Anvi says at least she can accept their luck for her exam. Savi thanks them, wishes Anvi well too, and hangs up.

Savi is giddy from being starved for so long. The nurse held him and sat him down. She asks if he is fine and he has a high fever, advising him to rest today. Savi says today is his test. The nurse says that young girls like to fight with their husbands and then bother themselves, she advises to talk to their husbands. Savi says that some disputes cannot be resolved at all. After that she reaches the exam hall. Reva comes in as the examiner and informs them about the rules. Savi recalls rejecting his offer. Ishaan goes ahead and tells the students to write their exam well as they have a lot of hopes, looking at Savi, and leaves the exam hall wishing them all the best. Reva is distributing the question paper among the students.

The security guard of the education board arrived and entered the examination hall. Prof. Paranjape asks if there is a problem as they don’t raid unannounced like this. The officer’s assistant said that the leaked papers have been found. The officer orders all the students to gather in a hall and takes the names of the 3 students who bought the notes from Savi. They ask the reason. The officer says that the final year exam paper was leaked last night and he was seen distributing the paper among the students. Students argue that papers are leaked, they worked hard, but other students are getting papers without hard work. Savi thinks that she wants to get rid of Ishaan soon, but now the exam has to be retaken. Three students denied the allegations. The officer searches his bag for papers. He begs them to forgive him.

Yashwant says that he defrauded the reputation of his college by committing fraud, which gave him the papers. Nishi and Ishaan insist them to tell who gave them the papers. He pointed to Savi. Savi stands shocked. Yashwant says that Savi leaked the papers. The officer asks the students to take names. Says Savi Chavan. Darwa’s friend says that the director’s wife can do anything. Savi’s friends return to Savi. The officer asks Savi to stand in front of him. Savi says he didn’t do anything and doesn’t know why the students are lying. The officer says he will decide about it later and asks him to tell whether he leaked the papers or not. Savi grabs the students collar and asks why they lied. The officer warns him to behave himself.

Students say they bought papers from him last evening. Savi says he sold them last minute notes. The officer asks if her notes are so valid that she sells them for a huge amount. Savi says his notes are valid and anyone can buy from him. The officer asks for evidence. Savi shows the student’s group chat and says they bought the notes from her. The students say that she came to sell the notes but then asked to buy the question paper herself for a huge amount and not to worry about authenticity as she is the director’s wife. The officer asks Ishaan if Savi is his wife. Ishaan takes her aside and says that Savi is a very intelligent student and can do no wrong. The officer asks why he is defending his wife and not the other students and warns him to stay away from the case as his presence or justification could get Savi in more trouble. He asks her not to be seen in the premises at all till the case is solved. The officer returns to the students and hears from Darva’s friend that Savi was accused of cheating earlier and proved him wrong with his influence. The officer says this means Savi is a repeat offender who repeats his mistake.

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