Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Reeva crumbles under the weight of Ishaan’s betrayal, prompting an emotional breakdown. Ishaan, remorseful, offers his apologies and implores her to mete out punishment. Grasping his collar, Reeva demands an explanation for his betrayal. Ishaan collapses and falls asleep, while Surekha dismisses it as a lie, adamantly asserting that Ishaan could never marry Savi. She had previously cautioned that Savi would be detrimental to Ishaan’s life, attempting to keep him away from her. Yashwant attempts to console him, and Swati advises Reeva not to harm herself over Ishaan’s actions. Prateek and Anvi then intervene, carrying Ishaan away, prompting Yashwant to shout for an end to the party.

Meanwhile, Savi, grappling with guilt, visits a temple to apologize to Bappa for lying about her marital status. She prays for her sister’s well-being, acknowledging her earlier deception. Hearing of a need for 11 married ladies for a special pooja, Savi realizes they are one short. Recalling Ishaan’s efforts to save Harini, she decides to participate in the pooja, believing that the sindoor saved her sister’s life.

At the Bhosale house, Swati tries to take Reeva away. Surekha defends Ishaan, claiming his innocence and blaming Savi for his actions. Swati questions whether it was Ishaan’s act or if Surekha approved of it. Surekha insists on sitting down to talk, but Swati accuses Ishaan of breaking Reeva’s heart and warns of potential hidden betrayals within the family. Yashwant apologizes for Ishaan’s behavior and urges Swati to let him reveal the truth once he regains his senses.

Swati expresses frustration, highlighting Reeva’s sacrifices for Ishaan, and accuses Ishaan of marrying Savi without considering Reeva. She drags Reeva away, leaving Yashwant feeling humiliated. Surekha tries to keep the incident under wraps, but Nishi points out that the guests have witnessed the drama. Surekha expresses disdain for Savi and declares she will never accept her as the Bhosale family daughter-in-law.

Later, Yashwant confronts Ishaan, questioning if he is awake. Surekha attributes the situation to Savi’s plan to trap Ishaan, alleging that Savi used her sister’s illness as an excuse. Alka contradicts this, citing Nishi’s observation of Savi’s sister’s critical condition and a video showing Ishaan forcibly marrying Savi. Surekha insists that Savi knows how to manipulate innocent Ishaan.

As a pandit asks 11 ladies to pray for their husbands’ well-being, Savi contemplates whether she should consider Ishaan her husband, given the circumstances of their marriage. Surekha continues to denounce the union, expressing her refusal to recognize the marriage. She directs her anger at Alka, telling her to leave if she supports Savi, but experiences chest pain. Yashwant shows concern and provides her with medication. Meanwhile, Savi confides in a lady at the temple about her sister’s predicament, hoping for a positive outcome with god’s blessings.

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