Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Savi encourages Anvi to be honest with her family, using the analogy of a broken pot to illustrate the consequences of hiding the truth. Anvi, however, expresses her reluctance to be seen as a victim and requests Savi not to bring up the topic again.

Inside the house, Asmita and Shikha serve tea and snacks to the family. Durva expresses her disappointment over not being able to take more photos due to Savi’s drama. Surekha warns Durva not to mention Savi’s name in front of her again, as it spoils her mood. Savi enters, prompting Mukul to jokingly remark about her appearance, which amuses Surekha and Durva.

Anvi then enters and approaches Yashwant, expressing her desire to confess something. Mukul glares at Savi. Anvi admits feeling guilty about recent events in the house. Yashwant reassures her, reminding her of her academic background and suggesting they go shopping for the wedding to cheer her up. Apsara encourages Savi to join them, despite her hesitation. Yashwant convinces Savi to come along.

Surekha insists that Reeva, too, should join them via video call. Reeva initially hesitates, but Surekha and Ishaan persuade her to participate. Swanand expresses his reservations but eventually agrees, setting a condition.

At the shopping mall, the Bhosale family tries on dresses. Apsara’s dress receives praise, followed by Shikha’s and then Anvi’s. Mukul teases Durva and Anvi about getting married soon, causing discomfort, which Savi notices. Surekha remarks on the absence of someone who should be there, while Swati mentions Reeva’s newfound respect and responsibilities. Reeva arrives, accompanied by her parents, surprising Surekha. Savi, feeling awkward, tries to remove gum stuck to her shoe but ends up slipping and falling with Ishaan, with a mannequin’s dupatta falling over them.

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