Doree 24th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Doree 24th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Doree Doriyaan 24 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Neelu approached Rukmani with a pointed remark, suggesting that had she married Anand instead of Agni, she’d still hold the status of daughter-in-law in their family. She emphasized her current position as Agni’s wife, solidifying her connection to Rukmani regardless. Suspecting Komal’s eavesdropping, Neelu confronted her, sparking a heated argument before Komal stormed off in frustration. Neelu, seizing the opportunity, warned Rukmani of Anand’s disclosures and threatened to expose her if provoked further. Rukmani, unfazed, directed Komal to massage Neelu’s leg before departing, leaving Neelu to manipulate the situation as Komal cursed her.

Elsewhere, Ganga Prasad found himself preoccupied with thoughts of Doree, his adoptive daughter. Questioning his fixation on her, he sympathized with her plight as she slept on the streets.

In the neighborhood, residents warmly welcomed Rukmani and Ganga Prasad. Doree, fearing for Ganga Prasad’s safety in Rukmani’s presence, sought to jog his memory. Meanwhile, Komal confided her worries about Agni’s influence to Raj. Neelu remained at the police station, earning respect from the inspector and lawyer as she sought Anand’s release. Mansi, observing Bhairavi’s interactions, questioned her about Doree’s whereabouts.

Rukmani tasked Ganga Prasad with distributing rations to the needy, earning his praise. Doree, in disguise, joined the queue in hopes of meeting him, praying for his recognition and support.

Concerned for Doree, Prem and Nani learned of Rukmani and Ganga Prasad’s charitable deeds. Maya, meanwhile, instructed her henchman to locate Doree, anticipating her arrival. Doree, overhearing Maya’s conversation, fled in fear.

Mansi confronted Neelu, urging her to show respect and warning her against harboring ill intentions. Amidst the chaos of an earthquake, Ganga Prasad evacuated Rukmani to safety while Komal panicked. Anand, disregarding Mansi’s warning, left, leaving her worried for Doree’s safety. Ganga Prasad, hearing children trapped in a building, risked his life to rescue them, with Doree following suit. Rukmani, witnessing Doree’s bravery, sinisterly remarked that now she could rid herself of both Ganga Prasad and Doree.

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