Doree 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Doree 20th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Doree Doriyaan 20 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

“Ganga Prasad and Neelu tie the knot in a temple, leaving Doree, Nani, and others shocked. Doree turns to Nani in disbelief, questioning the sudden turn of events. Nani confirms the marriage, declaring them as husband and wife. This revelation stirs up memories for Doree, recalling Neelu’s confession of being involved in Ganga Prasad’s demise. As Ganga Prasad approaches Doree with Neelu, he requests the music to be played, and Neelu begins to dance.

Elsewhere, Anand confronts Mansi for striking him. Mansi asserts that their relationship is over and criticizes Anand for his disloyalty towards Neelu. Enraged, Anand raises his hand but is interrupted by the sound of a gunshot outside. Investigating, he encounters an inspector. Bhairavi informs him about the return of the true eldest son of the Thakur family, who has lodged a complaint against Anand for attempting to harm his mother. Komal adds that he has sent gifts and plans to visit at 8:30, unveiling his identity.

Doree tries to warn Ganga about Neelu’s true nature, urging him to halt the wedding. However, Ganga remains steadfast in his trust in Rukmani and dismisses Doree’s concerns. Neelu echoes Ganga’s sentiments, refuting Doree’s accusations. Meanwhile, Mahendra returns home to the news of Ganga’s arrival and the police presence. Despite Mahendra’s denial of having an elder son, Komal remains adamant about the truth.

Anand urges Bhairavi to leave, but she remains defiant. Concerned for Ganga’s well-being, Doree pleads with him to reconsider, fearing Rukmani’s involvement. Yet, Ganga remains resolute in his faith in Rukmani, with Neelu’s support. As Maya gifts Ganga a bike and invites him to the haveli alongside Neelu, Doree, feeling unwell, follows them. However, Rukmani’s car unexpectedly halts, surprising Yash.

Nani empathizes with Doree, while Maya perceives her as an impediment. Observing Nani’s interaction with Doree, Maya decides to take action, instructing Bhim to eliminate Doree.”

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