Doree 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Doree 19th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Doree Doriyaan 19 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Yash offers prayers for Doree, and with a hopeful heart, she finally opens her eyes, bringing relief to Yash. Meanwhile, Raj alerts the doctor as Rukmani’s pulse starts dropping. Despite the concern, the doctor reassures Raj that his mother is stable. Doree, believing Rukmani’s condition to be improving, anticipates that her father, Baba, will peacefully depart.

In the midst of family tensions, Mahendra intervenes, urging Ganga and Anand to cease their quarrel. Ganga Prasad accuses Anand of attempting to harm Thakurain, insisting on retribution. Anand, however, asserts that Mahendra should not interfere, prompting Ganga Prasad to storm off. Anand acknowledges his actions in saving his elder son, earning him praise from Ganga Prasad.

Upon awakening, Rukmani queries Yash about her blood donor. Yash cryptically informs her that it’s someone unexpected. Later, he confides in the nurse that it was Doree who donated blood, sparking Rukmani’s desire to meet her. Despite Doree’s remorse for causing trouble, she is reassured by the nurse. Meanwhile, Anand reveals to Mahendra his knowledge of a startling truth and his decision to transfer his property, defying his other children. He ominously threatens Mahendra, vowing repercussions if the truth emerges.

Yash facilitates a meeting between Rukmani and Doree, where Rukmani assures Doree of her safety and pledges not to harm her father. Doree, in turn, relinquishes any claim to Rukmani’s wealth. News of Rukmani’s recovery spreads, bringing relief to Komal, who shares it with Mansi and Nani. To their surprise, numerous gifts arrive, courtesy of the house’s eldest son, scheduled to arrive at 8 pm. Nani, confused by this revelation, questions who this new son could be, assuming Ganga Prasad holds that position. Meanwhile, Rukmani plans to transfer her property, unaware of her elder son’s imminent return, shocking her and the family lawyer.

Anand’s return sparks tension as he berates Komal for a perceived oversight regarding Neelu’s release, resulting in a confrontation with Mansi. Despite the chaos, Doree seeks out Ganga Prasad and alerts Nani of his whereabouts. They are stunned to learn of Ganga Prasad’s impulsive decision to marry Neelu.

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