Doree 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Doree 11th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Doree Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Dore asks Ganga Prasad about his family. He claims that she is his family, but he can’t remember anything else. Ganga Prasad promises to try his best to recall everything. Dore slips, and Ganga Prasad and Mansi catch her, triggering a memory of having done the same thing before.

Meanwhile, Nano is searching for something and finds Ganga Prasad’s clothes, believing Kailashi Devi gave them to him.

Thakurian has no issues with the poor Nano, but wonders about her history with Ganga Prasad. She considers finding his parents but has no leads. Rukmani is waiting in the garden to meet someone who knows Ganga Prasad’s truth. Neelu arrives, surprising Rukmani, who accuses her of blackmail. Neelu claims she wanted to help but was misunderstood. She reveals that Ganga Prasad is Rukmani’s eldest son, shocking her.

Later, Dore tries to help Ganga Prasad sleep by telling stories. Neelu tells Rukmani she did a DNA test on Ganga Prasad and the samples match. She reassures Rukmani, who worries about keeping the truth hidden. Neelu reminds Rukmani of Maya overhearing their conversation about the DNA test.

Rukmani tries to bribe Neelu, who rejects the money, saying she wants a relationship, not cash. Neelu suggests Rukmani plan her wedding with Anand. Rukmani agrees, on the condition that Anand cut ties with Mansi. Neelu is surprised but leaves. Rukmani fears Anand will find out Ganga Prasad is her son and worries she might harm him. Dore discovers Ganga Prasad is missing, and Anand pretends to hug him before taking a DNA test.

Later, Dore tells Rukmani she couldn’t save Ganga Prasad this time.

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