Doree 10th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Doree 10th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Doree Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Neelu notices Anand pacing back and forth and asks him what’s wrong. Anand expresses his suspicion that his mother is hiding something from him. He’s unsure who the eldest son is. She spared Ganga Prasad but also killed him, so why save him? Neelu suggests maybe she saved him because she had already hurt him. Anand feels there’s a connection between his mom and Ganga Prasad. Neelu suggests that Nani might not be Ganga Prasad’s real grandmother. Someone might have given him to her. Anand remembers the lawyer mentioning that all properties were in the eldest son’s name. He wants to know the truth. Neelu assures him of her support. Anand feels he can’t trust his mother on this matter. He thinks he’ll need his father’s help and suggests Neelu could assist him. He trusts only his father. He believes he might have found Mahendra’s eldest son.

Meanwhile, Doree sketches her past and shows it to Ganga Prasad. She tells him he saved her from the river Ganga and named her Doree. She asks him to look at the sketch, but he feels dizzy. Doree wonders if he remembers anything. Ganga Prasad says he doesn’t want to remember and feels discomfort in his head. He says his father’s hand won’t work.

Doree insists he saved her from the river, but he doesn’t believe her stories. She suggests he ask Nani about it, but Nani seems busy and doesn’t respond. Doree tries another way to jog his memory. She says her father made up many stories and drew her bidai on a handloom. Ganga Prasad is surprised to hear this and says he wanted to worship him for his qualities. Doree suggests that watching the sketch might help him remember. Mansi interrupts them, unaware of the sketch. She asks him to meet her outside.

Meanwhile, Raj finds Komal lying on the floor and worries about her. She complains of hunger due to fasting. Raj scolds her for being careless and worries about his mother. Komal admits it was a mistake and worries a snake might bite his mother. Raj chastises her for her words. She accuses him of siding with his mother and questions why she saved Ganga Prasad. Raj admits he doesn’t have an answer. Chakram brings food for her, and she starts eating alone. She decides to take Ansh to the shrine to pray, saying the eldest son shouldn’t return.

Elsewhere, Mahendra confronts Rukmani, questioning her about saving Ganga Prasad. Rukmani defends herself, saying her son accused her and blindly trusts him. She claims it’s not her fault and asserts her dominance, mentioning receiving a strange call. Mansi gives her jewelry to Mahendra, suggesting he sell it to pay Anand’s installment. He questions Doree’s story and Rukmani’s actions, feeling it’s hard to believe. Mansi pleads for empathy for Doree’s perspective, but he finds it difficult to accept her as his daughter.

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