Dabangii 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Dabangii 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Dabangii 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Satya seeing the girls dressed as Arya. Arya says girls have come for kanjik, you have to serve them, media has also come. Satya washes the girls’ feet. He misses Arya. Kasturi also comes and sees the girls with blood stains and holes on their clothes. He asks who did this. Arya thinks listening to Satya and Kasturi. She makes the arrangements and changes the girls’ dresses. Satya says I don’t want to do pooja, what should I do if media is here? Arya says keep calm, girls are scared. The man says these clothes are sent by Kasturi. Kasturi says I didn’t send these clothes. Satya says we don’t want to do any pooja, take them. Kasturi follows Satya.

Satya says Ankash won’t do this everyday. She asks who will do this. He says Arya. She says how can Arya save, who can save her. Satya asks how is this happening. She says Anksh is playing your game, he might have seen her dead body and seen her clothes, who picked her up, time to meet Anksh, show your Rudra avatar, to him. Punish, remind him that you are satya.

Satya says you are right, I have to meet him. Satya comes to meet Ankash. He smiled and said in surprise. Sandy informs Yog. Arya asks what happened, why are you worried? Yug says Satya thinks Anksh is behind all this, so he has gone to meet them, your plans are failing, if anything happens to Anksh. Arya says don’t worry baba nothing will happen. They say Satya is not a fool to attack Ankash, but he can do anything.

Arya remembers hearing Satya’s words. Yug asks what is your plan, tell me. She thinks my father is not afraid of satya. Yug says it is my responsibility. She says keep cool, let them meet and talk. Ankash said laughing at Satya. Satya says you have killed Tanme…. Anksh says no, if I had raised him, he would have been alive today, you know what I mean, you have crossed the limit, your heart was stone, but your soul is also dead, thinking of you makes me sad. There is trouble. Satya tries to scare Ankash. He says you admit that you are doing all this, you are using dead Arya to scare us, you think Kasturi and I will get scared of Arya, everyone will think how Ankash did this. Maybe, sit in jail and think something new.

Yug says if Satya knows Ankash didn’t do this, he will think you are alive, you want it, ok. Arya smiled. He gets a call. Anksh says you think you are big player, you always win, no, not so, you lost CM chair, you can come here anytime, but you can’t beat me here, I didn’t, what would you do Bella…. He laughed.

Ankush says Bela can’t do it, who can. Satya says I know you, I will not leave you. Satya gets a call. Arya asks what happened baba? She reminds him of little Arya. Satya was shocked. She says you think Ankash is doing this to scare you, no, your sins are back as a curse, your blood is alive, Arya is back, you used to call me tigress, tigress is easy to hunt. No, you’re doomed, your game over.

Sandy says Satya left, he was looking worried. Yug ends the call. Satya comes home. Yug asks is everything fine. Satya says no, Kasturi and I are going to room for discussion, you take over here. he goes. He says Arya is alive. Kasthori says she will help Ankash if she is alive. He says Anksh has a support, we have to kill him. He gets the red ribbon. Satya asks the security who threw it. They see a hooded man and grab him. Satya gets a call. The guards see a man. Boy says I am jogging. Arya calls Satya. Bella says he can track the call. Arya jokes on Satya. Kasturi cries and gets shocked.

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