Dabangii 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Dabangii 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Dabangii 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Satya taking a piece of cake for Tanma. He thinks I did the right thing, I have no regrets, I can’t let my efforts go in vain. Arya thinks your birthday present is pending. The man finds a box and says that someone left it at the door. Kasturi checked the box. She asks who got it, there is no name on it. Satya says don’t worry. Yug says we will check it. Satya says wait. Arya says nothing to worry, who will fight Satya, today is the day to send love. Satya says yes. He opens the box and scares Kasturi. He laughs. A doll appears and reminds him of Arya. Red explosions. Satya and Kasturi turned away.

Arya says someone bring water. Kasturi helps Satya. He washes his face. Satya says she is here, go and find out who got this parcel. he goes. Kasturi says someone made a joke, it will be known, Satya is shocked. Satya saw the message on the mirror. Yug says Arya, whatever you say I will go, I will not ask you any question, stop taking risk. Arya says this is Satya and my fight, I have to fight her, I am playing with fire and can’t expect safety, I will see whatever happens. Kasturi asks what is happening. Satya says its hers, Arya. Arya says you do your duty as an officer, I will do my duty as a daughter. she goes. Kasturi says Arya is dead, how will she come back. They say Ankash was also dead, he is back. She says someone is playing game with you, Ankush is doing this, I won’t leave him, he is scaring you. Yug meets Ankash. Anksh says you think I am so selfish that I will risk Arya’s life to take revenge from Satya, she is not listening to me. Yug says she will not listen to anyone. Ankash says he won’t listen to me either, will talk to him, explain him. Yug says since I arrested you she is not talking to me well. Musk comes. Yoga hides. She scolds Ankash for killing Tanme and playing with Satya’s mind. The constable stopped him. Musk yells at her. Sandy stops Musk. Kasturi says Ankash is doing it. She threatens Ankash. she goes. Ankash says now only one person can understand Arya. Aria visits Bella. Bela says everything is not right, Arya, you are walking on dangerous path, Ankush and Eklavya don’t like it.

Bela says I can’t lose you. Arya says nothing will happen to me, I will not let my identity out, I want Satya to panic and accept his crime, I promise you, he will confess. Kasturi checks the CCTV footage and wonders who kept the box. Arya smiles and thinks to keep the gift box. Satya comes. Yug also comes and says you went to Ankash and threatened him, you can’t do that. Satya takes Kasturi with him. Arya says it will be what I want. She argues with Yug. Kasturi says we have to do some pooja or hoon. Satya says nothing will happen. She says this house needs purification, my friend Lata told me to do kanya pooja for the peace of the house, if any passion is behind you then it will also calm down, I will call the orphan girls, I I will make prasad and bring gifts for them, just come for my sake

In the morning, Kasturi makes arrangements for the pooja. She says we will do rituals. Satya nodded. Kasturi goes to get Shagun’s envelopes. The girls come dressed as Arya. Satya was shocked.

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