Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Bhagya Lakshmi Doriyaan 25 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The scene unfolds with Rishi inquiring from Paro about the quality of her ice cream. Paro responds affirmatively. Just then, some children arrive. Paro generously offers two of her ice creams to them. Rishi suggests he’ll procure more for the kids, but Paro insists. As more children gather, Rishi extends the gesture, prompting the ice cream seller to distribute more treats. Impressed, Paro likens Rishi to her mother, citing her belief in helping others. She recounts the various names people use to describe her mother’s altruism. Pleased by the children’s happiness, Rishi concurs that their joy adds to their own. Expressing gratitude, Paro acknowledges Rishi’s influence on her values, though Rishi humbly attributes them to her mother. The ice cream seller acknowledges the admirable values instilled in Paro.

Returning home, Paro excitedly shows off the gifts Rishi has brought, announcing her impending departure to the village. Anushka rejoices while Karishma questions Rishi’s indulgence, insinuating Paro’s mother’s incompetence. Paro defends her mother, emphasizing that love outweighs material gifts. Dadi commends Paro’s wisdom, prompting Paro to credit her mother’s teachings. Rishi reveals he has gifts for Rohan too, dismissing concerns about affordability. Malishka interjects, asserting her maternal authority over Rohan.

Later, Rohan expresses a desire for snacks made by Lakshmi. Despite an accident, Lakshmi resolves to surprise him. Amidst preparations, Dadi and Karishma question Paro’s relationship with Rishi, but Anushka anticipates Rohan’s return with excitement.

As Rohan bids farewell to Lakshmi, Rishi packs Paro’s belongings. Paro requests Rishi’s promise to visit her, despite Rishi’s reluctance to make promises. Affectionately, Paro envisions them as a family, prompting Rishi to reassure her. Ayush gifts Paro a lollipop, expressing his fondness, and promising to visit her with their father. Meanwhile, Malishka informs Neelam of Rohan’s impending return, igniting Neelam’s anticipation.

Observing Rohan asleep on her lap, Lakshmi reflects on their bond, lamenting his departure. The following morning, Lakshmi presents Rohan with snacks, prompting an emotional farewell. Paro bids farewell to the family, touching each member’s feet respectfully. Rohan’s friends visit to bid him farewell, receiving gifts from Lakshmi. Paro’s departure evokes mixed emotions, with Karishma’s bitterness contrasting with others’ warmth.

As Lakshmi escorts the children to the bus stand, Rohan expresses a desire to shop for gifts. Meanwhile, Malishka, preoccupied with Rohan’s absence, misses seeing him. Arriving at the mall, Lakshmi tries to dissuade Rohan from buying gifts, but he insists. Desperate to please his surrogate mother, Rohan calls Rishi for funds. Malishka, unaware of their presence, is shocked to spot Lakshmi.

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