Bhagya Lakshmi 13th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Bhagya Lakshmi Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Paro telling Lakshmi that her grandmother scolded her and her dad when he was styling her hair. Lakshmi is surprised and asks if Paro’s dad was styling her hair. Paro says her grandmother loves her a lot and her dad is really good. Suddenly, Lakshmi sees Rohan dropping a glass and rushes to help him. Meanwhile, Paro’s grandmother (Rishi’s Dadi) arrives. Paro, mistaking her for Lakshmi, talks to her about the incident. Rishi’s Dadi reassures her, thinking she’s talking to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi’s grandmother then takes the phone to speak to Paro. Lakshmi advises Paro to respect everyone and not to cause trouble. Paro affirms and Shalu takes the phone, suggesting Paro teach her grandmother a lesson. Paro recalls her mom’s advice to love and respect elders and ends the call. Paro’s grandmother asks what her mom said, and Paro explains that she was told not to trouble anyone and to win hearts with love, mentioning that her grandmother scolds her a lot. Paro wonders if her grandmother’s mother never taught her manners.

Rohan decides to send a video but accidentally drops his phone into a bowl of chillies. His grandmother checks on him and then proceeds to blend the chillies, unaware of the phone inside. Paro’s grandmother braids her hair, and Rishi thanks her, stating that she is like a mother to him too. Paro expresses her happiness, calling her grandmother her friend and real Badi Dadi. Rishi asks Paro to thank her, but she says sorry is not needed in friendship.

Paro questions why both Rishi’s and her own mother scold them, to which Rishi compares his mother to a coconut, saying she appears tough outside but is loving inside. Paro remarks that her mother and Rishi are alike, differing only in appearance. Rohan discovers his phone crushed in the blender and worries about sending the video to his dad.

Karishma talks to her friend about a trending design when Paro accidentally hits her with a ball, causing her to drop her phone. Karishma gets angry and throws the ball, hitting herself. Paro laughs and runs away. Karishma asks Ayush if he saw Paro, warning him not to behave like Rishi. Ayush defends himself, saying he supports truth and criticizes Paro for her mischievous behavior. Paro overhears this conversation and confronts Ayush, upset that he lied about not seeing her. Ayush explains that he lied to protect her and expresses his fondness for her, urging her not to trouble anyone. Paro mentions her mother’s advice about considering others first.

Rishi calls Lakshmi, and Rohan answers, expressing his sadness over his broken phone. Rishi advises him to make the video later and ends the call. Neelam, feeling foot pain, rejects Paro’s offer to massage her feet, and Paro, feeling dejected, decides to seek advice from her Massi (aunt). Neelam, observing Paro’s behavior, thinks she is clever and attributes it to her mother.

In the preview, Paro plays a prank with a fake lizard, leading to chaos. Rishi decides to talk to Lakshmi, while Neelam scolds Paro and threatens her. Anushka calls Lakshmi to take Paro away, and Neelam throws Paro out of the house, declaring her intention to put both Lakshmi and Paro in their places.

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