Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Vijay questioning why Vandu hurried to her house. Atya explains that she went to see Tara and brought her mother-in-law along. Vijay is told he can meet them later, and he agrees to do so at the right time. Atya has a feeling that there is some connection. Vandu hugs Tara and comforts her, and Tara expresses her frustration about Kunal scolding her and Samaira. Kunal reveals that she didn’t inform him and went to Samaira, so she is not allowed to attend any parties. Tara apologizes and pleads to go to a birthday party, but Kunal firmly refuses. Vandu intervenes, stating that Tara is just a kid and not a robot. She argues that they cannot punish her, emphasizing that they are elders. Kunal insists he is doing what is right for Tara, and he leaves.

Tara, upset with her father, laments that he shouted at her and prevented her from going to the party. Vandu corrects her, explaining that Kunal, like them, has fears and memories, and he acted out of concern for her. Vandu encourages Tara to make a card for Samaira while she tries to convince Kunal. Tara praises her dad.

Anagha and Hemant arrive home with the news that Shivam has been selected for an international music contest. Vijay and Atya are delighted, but Anagha mentions the financial constraint of arranging money for the trip within two weeks. Vandu contemplates how to persuade Kunal.

She goes to Kunal’s room and finds him scared of a cockroach. They share a light moment, but Vandu uses the opportunity to make a point. She scares Kunal, locks him in a cupboard briefly, and then releases him, drawing a parallel with Tara being confined. Vandu emphasizes that Tara shouldn’t be kept locked in her room. Vedika witnesses this and supports the idea of Kunal and Vandu working together. Kunal expresses his fear and concern for Tara, while Vandu advises him not to push too hard, as Tara needs time to adjust.

Later, Hemant and Anagha discuss the financial challenge and decide not to burden Kunal and Vandu. Anagha expresses her desire for Shivam to become a successful singer, not just a musician. Kunal, meanwhile, allows Tara to go to the party if they gather details about it. Vandu thanks him and plans to get the information from Samaira’s mother. In the midst of this, Vaani overhears a call from Kunal’s father, Kuldeep, and becomes scared. Vedika reassures Kuldeep about Tara’s safety and advises him not to come as everything is under control. Vaani, still frightened, reveals that Kunal’s dad is her husband.

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