Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Kunal urgently calling Vandu, insisting that she should not go alone to Inder’s house. He promises to join her soon, rushing to the scene. Kunal expresses his concern that Tara should not suffer for his mistakes. Vandu, determined to check on Tara, contemplates the difficulty of facing her daughter. Despite her inner turmoil, she climbs a ladder to get a glimpse of Tara. Mrunal questions why Vandu was informed of everything, asserting that it’s her life and her decision regarding the baby. Bobby advises against such actions, but Mrunal, feeling abandoned, shares her struggles, emphasizing her isolation. She feels overwhelmed and dizzy, prompting Bobby to comfort her and encourage a calmer approach.

Meanwhile, Vandu, peering through a window, discovers Tara’s water bottle, leading her to suspect that Inder has kidnapped Tara. Distraught, Tara, locked in a room, expresses her sorrow for missing her mother and father.

As events unfold, men engage in a heated argument, blocking the road. Kunal intervenes, shouting at them to clear the way. Bobby urges Mrunal to stop crying, offering his support and reassurance. Vaani, examining pictures, attempts to call someone. Atya inquires about Vijay, causing Vaani to experience a headache. Vaani acknowledges her connection to the house but struggles to recall details. Pammi enters, creating a disturbance, and Anagha apologizes for the interruption. Pammi insists that Anagha apologize to Vandu and Kunal for forgiveness.

Back at Vandu’s place, Inder and Sonia are seen together. Sonia, holding Inder’s hand, expresses her happiness, revealing their plans to go to London with Tara. Vandu is shocked, and Sonia discloses that she has won the battle, intending to show Kunal and Vandu that they are defeated. Inder professes his love for Sonia, apologizing for his past mistakes. Vandu, angered by Sonia’s actions, declares that Sonia has lost all respect in her eyes. Sonia, packing for the trip, expresses satisfaction with her revenge plan. Vandu, overhearing their conversation, vows not to let Tara go and confronts them, referring to herself as a lioness.

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