Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st January 2024 Written Episode Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode commences with Vandu expressing admiration for her father’s exceptional violin skills, renowned as Violin Vijay. Vaani, seated with a Tanpura, begins to play as Kunal reminisces about his childhood. Vaani starts singing a song, leaving Vandu astonished as she identifies it as her father’s composition. Vaani, struggling with the lyrics, stops singing, prompting Vandu to take over.

Despite Vaani’s initial uncertainty, she eventually joins in singing. Pammi overhears Vaani’s performance and promptly sends an audio message to Kuldeep, urging him to return home. Vandu, surprised to see Vaani, questions her sudden appearance and pleads with her not to disappear again. Vaani promises not to vanish and acknowledges her lack of memory but affirms her connection to music.

Vandu reveals that the song is her father’s creation, taught to her in childhood by Vijay Karmarkar. Vaani ponders this revelation. Kuldeep calls Kunal, who takes the call while Vandu implores him to return home. Vedika apologizes for the trouble, and Anagha assures that both families are interconnected. Atya, intrigued by Vaani’s familiarity with Vijay, searches through Vijay’s old belongings, suspecting a connection.

Meanwhile, Anagha is perplexed by Vaani’s behavior and leaves. Atya, determined to uncover the link, vows to inform Vandu once she remembers. Vandu encourages Tara to sleep early, but Kunal arrives, advising her to enjoy and addressing Tara’s fear of losing loved ones after the Lohri incident. Vandu, drawing from her experience raising Shivam, reassures Kunal, acknowledging the challenges of life and parenting.

Kunal acknowledges Vandu’s maternal qualities and expresses his internal struggles, uncertain about his capabilities as a father. Vandu reassures him and emphasizes their commitment to Tara. Kunal resolves to end Tara’s fears stemming from Sonia’s actions, declaring Sonia’s chapter closed. In a video call, Pammi confides in Sonia about her plans to oust everyone from the house. Sonia, in turn, vows to expose Pammi if Kunal and Vandu unite.

Kunal and Vandu engage Tara in a bonding activity, crafting paper boats. They discuss the potential reactions of Kunal’s father and decide to give some time for emotions to settle. Tara shares her paper boat creation, and Kunal, showing affection, hugs her as Vandu heads off to make hot chocolate.

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