Anupama 4th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 4th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Anuj is thinking about talking to Aadhya. He remembers scolding her yesterday, feeling it was necessary. He plans to talk to her and cheer her up later when she comes home. Anuj believes that parents need to be strict sometimes. He also thinks about discussing the situation with Anupama, as she overheard Aadhya.

When Aadhya apologizes for disturbing everyone, she expresses her desire to talk to Anupama, whom she refers to as her “Mummy.” Aadhya confronts Anupama, questioning why she returned to their lives after leaving them for her family. Aadhya accuses Anupama of disrupting their lives and blames her for Pops (presumably her grandfather) shouting at her. Aadhya asks Anupama to leave and claims they have moved on. She mentions that Pops is getting married soon, and Aadhya herself is looking forward to having a new mother.

Anuj senses that something is wrong and feels restless. Aadhya leaves, and the others come out of the kitchen. Anupama acknowledges that Aadhya hates her but believes that deep down, Aadhya loves her. Anupama apologizes to Yashdeep, explaining that Aadhya is upset with her for a reason. Anupama faints, and Yashdeep holds her, expressing concern. Aadhya sits on a bench, crying. Vikram tries to revive Anupama, and Yashdeep suggests taking her home.

Later, at the Shah house, the family gathers to eat. There is a discussion about the food, and Ansh refuses to eat at first but is persuaded by Vanraj. Kavya talks about the lack of appreciation for homemakers, referencing Anupama’s past. Dimpy brings masala milk, and the family discusses her efforts. Kavya advocates for recognizing and rewarding the work of homemakers.

Meanwhile, Vikram and Yashdeep take Anupama to Yashdeep’s house. The doctor diagnoses Anupama with unstable blood pressure due to severe stress. Beeji prays for Anupama’s well-being, and Anupama recalls Aadhya’s hurtful words.

Anuj arrives at his destination and encounters Shruti, who informs him about Anupama’s condition. Anuj becomes concerned and asks Shruti to check on her. Shruti tries to call Vikram but is unable to reach him.

At the Shah house, Babu ji gives a file to Kavya, and she expresses gratitude for her fixed job. Vanraj overhears this and decides to talk to Kavya about bringing positive changes to the household. Kavya thanks Babu ji for support and praises him for helping her with work. Babu ji appreciates Kavya for taking a stand for Dimpy, and they discuss motivating her to become independent.

Anupama regains consciousness at Yashdeep’s house, with Kinjal and Toshu by her side. Yashdeep addresses her as Anupama ji.

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