Anupama 2nd May 2024 Written Eapisode Update

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Anupama is reading a book. Aadhya sees her and tells herself that Anupama is acting to impress Pop. Ansh comes to Dumpy’s room and tells that he has brushed his teeth, talked to Baba and Babu ji in Gujarati and apologized to Mahi and Ashu. He hugs her. Dumpy says you did right. Ansh asks if step father is not good. Dumpy asks who told you? Ansh says I heard Dadu and Babu ji talking about stepfather. He asks if the stepfather is bad. Dumpy says that step or real are just words then relationships are built with heart and love. Ansh asks if stepfather will kill me and tells that he only wants his dado not stepfather. He runs away from there. Dumpy thinks why papa is doing this.

Anupama sings bhajans and performs tulsi puja. Anuj sits in Shruti’s room and listens to Bhajan. Shruti wakes up. Anuj asks did he hear? Anupama prays for everyone and her competition. Anuj tells Shruti that he will come and go. Anupama apologizes to Anuj. Anuj says we are staying here, but have come here for the first time from India. She says she was hesitant to do the pooja, as Shruti and Aadhya might not like it. Anuj says that he will like her and asks her not to regret worshiping him.

Baba and Babu ji come to the hall and ask Dumpy why he called. Kavya and Vinraj also come there. Dumpy asks Vinraj to come clean if he really wanted to marry her to Tito or just to act. Baa asks why are you accusing Vinraj. Dumpy says you told Ansh that stepfather is bad and he doesn’t want Tito to be his stepfather. Vinraj says I didn’t tell anything to Ansh, I was talking to Babuji. Dumpy says you know well how the child’s heart will be. Vanraj says maybe you don’t want to take our responsibility. Kavya says if Dumpy doesn’t want, she won’t come. Vinraj says that if I had a problem, I would have spoken to Tito directly. He says there could be many possibilities, and says he will talk to Ansh in the morning and asks them not to blame him next time.

Anuj brings Shruti and Aadhya to worship. Shruti says she doesn’t know how to do pooja as she hasn’t done it since morning. Adhya says ok, you don’t need to pretend, God will be in your heart. Anupama explains that we express our love even though it is in our heart. Shruti asks why we do pooja. Anupama tells him that they worship to enlighten, strengthen and purify their heart. She asks Shruti to do the pooja and says that the family does the pooja. Shruti, Anuj and Aadhya do the pooja, while Anupama sings the bhajan. After the bhajan, Anuj gives aarti to Adhya, Shruti and Anupama.

Anuj tells Anupama that she has brought positivity in the house, and so will Shanknath. Anupama plays the role of Pandali. Then she goes to the kitchen and performs a small pooja. She tries to take the canister. Anuj takes it and gives it to her. Anupama thanked. The song is playing… you are our destination my love….. Anuj thinks about poetry in his heart while making coffee/tea for himself. Adhya finds her. She finds Anupama’s diary, opens it and then puts it back.

Anuj asks Anupama what she is making. Anupama says Moong ki dal ka halwa and says Chhoti loved it as a child. Anuj says he still likes it. He asks her to focus on the competition. Anupama says she can’t leave both competition and daughter. He says you are a unique piece. Anupama sees Aadhi standing there and wonders if she heard that I came for her. Adhya asks what are you doing here? Anuj tells that he made his coffee and was making it for Shruti. Adhya says she will bring and asks him to go. Anuj left. Adhya asks Anupama to stay away from her. Anupama says I will come to give food and medicine. Anuj and Shruti go out. Adhya says goodbye. She tries to get the table and falls. Anupama tries to catch him. Aadhya shouts no

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