Anupama 2nd March 2024 Written Eapisode Update

Anupama 2nd March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Anupama took Pari to a restaurant. Pari wondered why she was brought there, and Anupama explained that since her mom was at work, she couldn’t leave Pari alone at home. Yashdeep welcomed Pari, and Vikram gave her something before taking her away. Anupama apologized for not informing Yashdeep beforehand, but he reassured her it was fine. They talked about Anupama’s dance class, and she felt refreshed afterward. Shruti arrived and called for Anupama, sharing that she came after letting her know. They discussed Shruti’s worries about her upcoming marriage being canceled or postponed. Anupama comforted her, suggesting that time might bring solutions. Meanwhile, Anuj arrived and informed Shruti about her parents’ flight accident. Devastated, Shruti felt alone, but Anuj promised to support her.

Baa and Babu ji were shocked by Pakhi’s actions. Dimpy vowed not to tolerate it again, and Baa permitted her to confront Pakhi. Vanraj returned home, expressing frustration over Pakhi’s decisions and his support for her. He demanded they either follow his rules or leave. Vanraj decided to take Dimpy to America to avoid any further complications.

Shruti lamented her fate, questioning why such misfortune had befallen her. Anupama felt empathetic toward her. Shruti fainted, prompting Anuj to take her home with Anupama’s assistance. Dimpy declared she wouldn’t leave for America due to Pakhi’s actions. Vanraj intervened in a discussion between Kavya and Dimpy. Pari requested a bicycle, and Toshu promised to get her one, reassuring Kinjal of his intentions.

During the journey, Shruti regained consciousness briefly, expressing regret over not meeting her parents in India. Anupama and Anuj tried to console her. Upon learning about her parents’ fate, Anupama and Anuj shared a heartfelt moment, empathizing with Shruti’s loneliness. Anuj assured Shruti he wouldn’t abandon her. Aadhya’s sudden arrival startled Anupama, leaving her puzzled.

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