Anupama 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Anupama and Anuj look at each other. Anupama steps back, remembering she let him go for his happiness. She’s about to fall when Anuj grabs her hand. The song “Tere liye” plays. Anupama tries to free her hands, and Anuj lets go. Yashdeep asks if Anupama is okay and thanks Anuj. He informs Anuj that Anupama will handle curries and chutneys for the staff. Yashdeep suggests starting the meeting and asks if they know each other. Anupama, feeling unwell, runs away.

Ansh tells Ishani he’ll pass a level in the game, and Ishani thanks him. Kavya talks to Mahi, asking about the truth Ansh mentioned. Babu ji tells Mahi that when Vanraj was young, he used to scold him and not to call him “babu ji.” Mahi is surprised. Babu ji tells Kavya they should have paan. Yashdeep looks for Anupama, thinking they know each other. Anuj shouts for Anu and runs. Shruti arrives, wondering if the meeting is canceled and tries calling Anuj.

Mahi prays for her father’s heart to be filled with love for her. Baa overhears and asks Kanha ji to fulfill Mahi’s dream. Shruti worries as Anuj doesn’t answer the call. Anupama cries, questioning why he came back. Anuj expresses his ongoing love, saying he died when she left him and their daughter. Anupama defends herself, saying she thought they’d be sad for a while and then move on. She explains she doesn’t care about others’ opinions but couldn’t bear Anuj’s hurtful words.

Yashdeep finds Anupama and hears her confessing that she’s Anuj’s past, not wanting to make him sad. Vanraj talks to Babu ji about changing a tower. Babu ji agrees, acknowledging the necessity of change. Baa is surprised Vanraj agreed. Babu ji expresses understanding but mentions Anupama’s consent is needed. Vanraj gets upset, realizing Anupama’s approval is required.

Yashdeep brings coffee for Anupama, acknowledging life’s uncomfortable moments. He admits he shouldn’t be there but can’t see her in pain. Yashdeep encourages Anupama to face her emotions, reminding her that work can wait. He advises her not to hide her pain, emphasizing the importance of being human. Yashdeep offers to take her home, and Anupama agrees. They leave together.

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