Anupama 27th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 27th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Shruti informs Anupama and Anuj that Joshi ben, whom they were searching for, has been located. She emphasizes the importance of searching with the heart and shares that Joshi ben is fine, staying at the restaurant owner’s house, and has her passport and belongings. Anuj offers to take them to meet Joshi ben tomorrow, but Shruti suggests going immediately, leaving Aadhya shocked.

Dimpy gives Mahi a food tiffin and advises her to eat. Baa gives Mahi a gift, encouraging her to study well. Ansh expresses his support and gives Mahi a gift, while Ishani presents a card with a poem. Pakhi bids farewell, teasing Mahi about her mom bringing her back if she falls ill. Mahi expresses her gratitude and love to Vanraj, taking a selfie with him. Vanraj, however, walks away, haunted by Kavya’s betrayal. Ishani offers to take a photo of Mahi, and the group leaves. Baa questions Vanraj about his issue with Mahi, highlighting that Kavya, not Mahi, betrayed him. Babu ji intervenes, insisting that Mahi, as part of the family, should stay. Vanraj blames Kavya and leaves. Kavya thanks Babu ji for his support.

Anupama receives a visitor, and it turns out to be Shruti and Anuj. They inquire about Joshi ben, who has gone out with Beeji’s son. Anuj decides to meet her at the event.

Meanwhile, Anupama is at Kinjal’s house, taking care of Pari. Kinjal apologizes for the unexpected visit due to Toshu’s unresponsiveness. Anupama notices the disarray in the house and questions Toshu’s whereabouts. Toshu arrives, drunk and angry. Anupama reprimands him for neglecting his responsibilities, scolding him for attending a football match instead of handling business. Toshu insults Anupama, claiming she couldn’t handle her marriages, and declares hatred from him and Pakhi. He dismisses Anupama, telling her to leave and even takes money from Kinjal’s purse to give her. Yashdeep returns, and Beeji expresses concern for Anupama, predicting challenges at Toshu’s home.

Anupama offers money back to Kinjal, emphasizing she came for her granddaughter. Toshu, rejecting Anupama, shouts at her to leave and refuses to provide medical help. Anupama, unfazed, expresses her love for her granddaughter and exits, leaving behind a tense atmosphere.

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