Anupama 26th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 26th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Toshu contemplates Kinjal’s words as he wipes the plates and places them in the stand. He reflects on her responsibilities, specifically her care for Pari. Toshu, however, expresses his hope that Kinjal doesn’t bring their mother home, stating that he doesn’t want her in his life or house. Meanwhile, Yashdeep receives a call and discusses a potential event cancellation with his team.

Anupama, curious about the conversation, inquires about the situation. Yashdeep explains that due to a restaurant fire, the organizers want to know if they will still participate in the event. Anupama, displaying optimism, suggests keeping their stall, believing that potential new customers might try their food and become regulars. She mentions the support of Vikram Bhai, KD, and others. Yashdeep is amazed at her enthusiasm for work and cautions about potential disappointment for Bhaiyya.

Shruti informs Aadhya about Spice and Chutney, making Aadhya happy. Aadhya asks if Joshi ben is gone, to which Shruti replies that she doesn’t know her whereabouts. Aadhya believes that everything happens for a reason and hopes they won’t meet again. Anuj asks Shruti to handle the event, but she mentions their inability to participate. However, Anuj receives a message indicating they will be participating, leaving Aadhya anxious about a possible encounter.

Yashdeep returns home, informing Anupama about a visitor. Anupama, thinking it’s the police, worries about lacking proper documentation. To her surprise, it’s her passport, recovered from robbers. Anupama thanks the officer and blesses him, expressing gratitude to Yashdeep for prioritizing the passport recovery. Beeji hopes for the return of all her relations.

Kinjal, engrossed in work, discusses it on the phone. A worried Angie informs her about feeling unwell. Kinjal, noticing Toshu playing video games, criticizes him for not attending to their sick daughter. They argue over responsibilities, and Kinjal decides to take a step.

Anupama discovers her phone and decides to call Devika. Inadvertently, she collides with Aadhya, and they exchange brief words. Anupama listens to a message from Devika, revealing that Anuj saw her in America. Anupama notices Aadhya’s presence and seems conflicted.

Mahi shares her reluctance to go to a hostel with Kavya, acknowledging her father’s disapproval. Kavya insists she must go, leading Mahi to leave sadly. Pakhi advises Kavya to be honest with Mahi, warning against causing further harm.

Anupama, initially happy about Anuj and Choti being in America, worries about potential hatred from them. She prays to avoid meeting them and experiencing their disdain.

Aadhya returns home, and Shruti asks about her swimming classes. Aadhya, planning to reveal the truth to keep Anuj away from Anupama, awaits the right moment. Shruti receives a call from Anupama, leaving both Anuj and Aadhya intrigued.

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