Anupama 26th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 26th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Toshu tells Yashdeep not to treat the employees like an IT company does because his company is like a complete woman who can handle anything. He says his son and daughter-in-law will take care of the company. Yashdeep responds by saying that if Toshu had done what he promised, his mother would have appreciated it. Toshu retorts that Yashdeep is his mother’s boss, not his. Anupama apologizes to Yashdeep and asks him to leave, which he does. Anupama then scolds Toshu for his behavior and tells him not to interfere in her affairs, reminding him to think about his wife and daughter instead. She informs him that his friends have warned that if he doesn’t pay them in seven days, they’ll resort to violence. Toshu reassures her, saying he has a solution. He reveals that he has secured a job at Anuj’s company and will use his earnings to pay off the debt. Later, Dimpy cries at the dance academy due to Ansh’s misbehavior. Titu consoles her and suggests they alleviate the pain through dance.

Anupama overhears an argument between Kinjal and Toshu and intervenes. She expresses her frustration, stating that she’s there to help them, not to witness drama or become a joke. She recounts the day’s events, including the encounter with goons and Toshu’s confrontation with her boss. Anupama emphasizes that if such incidents continue, she’ll stop visiting them. Titu tries to cheer Dimpy up by dancing with her but abruptly leaves. Dimpy resolves not to give up. Anupama then feeds gajar ka halwa to Pari and discusses plans for the day. She assures Pari that Kinjal will take her to school and promises to drop her off. Toshu greets them in the morning, and Anupama informs Kinjal about the food she’s prepared. Anuj enters the kitchen and chats with Shruti while she prepares breakfast. He mentions offering a job to Anupama’s son, seeing it as a way to mend broken relations. Toshu seeks Anupama’s blessing and promises to repay the debt by taking a loan from the company, but Anupama advises against it, praising Anuj’s integrity and urging Toshu to work diligently.

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