Anupama 25th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 25th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Anupama breaks down and falls to the floor. Yashdeep asks her if she’s okay. Anupama explains that she loves her daughter so much but scolded her, worrying she might have a panic attack. She feels her daughter hates her and fears that her hatred might hurt her. Yashdeep reassures her that her daughter will understand when she grows up and that scolding her was the right thing to do. Anupama cries over her daughters. Vikram brings Gulab Jamun and suggests she eats it. Yashdeep encourages her to eat as well.

In the car, Aadhya thinks about how her mother always lectures her and portrays herself as the victim while making Aadhya the villain. Anuj senses that something significant has happened between Anu and Aadhya. Yashdeep suggests to Anupama that dancing might bring her peace. Anupama shares that she stopped dancing five years ago but admits that dancing is her passion, just as cooking is her job. Yashdeep suggests she starts dancing professionally and promises to find her classes. Anupama hesitates, but Yashdeep insists she can manage and asks her to wait for 10 minutes.

Anuj approaches Aadhya and Shruti. Aadhya is asleep, and Shruti is sitting beside her. Anuj apologizes for hurting Aadhya, and Shruti emphasizes the importance of honesty. Anuj wonders why things are so complicated despite their maturity. Shruti decides to stay for Aadhya’s sake and admits her feelings for Anuj.

Yashdeep surprises Anupama with a party and encourages her to dance. Anupama, Vikram, Yashdeep, and others dance together. Anupama thinks about Aadhya, Anuj, and Shruti’s words as she continues dancing.

At home, Ansh is accused of stealing from school. Baa and Dimpy are upset, and Vanraj decides to handle the situation sternly.

Yashdeep drops Anupama off at Kinjal’s house and mentions that Beeji missed her. Anupama thanks him for the dance session. Toshu arrives and questions Yashdeep’s special treatment towards his mother, leaving Anupama shocked.

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