Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Anupama reassures Aadhya not to be afraid because she’s there for her. Aadhya holds her hand tightly as they walk. Meanwhile, Anuj receives a message and texts Shruti. Vikram instructs Yashdeep to get some things. Anupama takes Aadhya to the spice and chutney restaurant. Vikram and Yashdeep inquire about what happened. Anupama helps Aadhya sit down while Vikram serves them water and then juice. Anupama advises Aadhya to drink slowly. Yashdeep asks what occurred, and Anuj silently thanks that Aadhya is safe with Anupama. Vikram expresses relief that they arrived in time. Anupama credits Kanha ji for guiding her there and expresses gratitude that her daughter is safe, urging Aadhya not to worry. However, Aadhya becomes angry when Anupama repeatedly calls her “Choti” (meaning younger one). She asks Anupama not to call her that. Yashdeep intervenes, stating that Anupama saved her, but Aadhya believes she got into trouble because of her. Yashdeep advises her not to interfere in elders’ matters, but Aadhya insists they had a smooth life until Shruti’s arrival, which led to disputes between Shruti, Anuj, and herself.

Meanwhile, Anuj and Shruti are on their way to reach them. Aadhya expresses her frustration, accusing Anuj of only caring about Anupama and making decisions that hurt them. She criticizes Shruti for leaving them after leaving the Shah family. Anupama interrupts, reprimanding Aadhya for her disrespectful behavior, acknowledging her sadness but emphasizing that it doesn’t justify her rudeness. Anuj is stuck in traffic.

Anupama questions where Aadhya learned to talk like this, asserting that she’s not a punching bag or doormat for Aadhya to vent her frustrations on. She challenges Aadhya to consider others’ feelings and reflects on the sacrifices she and Anuj made for her. Anupama apologizes for her harsh words and asks if Aadhya considered the consequences before leaving home. She clarifies that she came to the area for work and didn’t know they were there, expressing regret for unintentionally causing them trouble. Anupama emphasizes her love for Aadhya and her desire for her safety, warning her not to put herself in danger again. Anuj and Shruti arrive, realizing there’s been an argument. Anupama instructs them to take Aadhya and clarify that she’s not coming between them. She urges them to make Aadhya understand not to endanger herself and not to cause trouble. Aadhya runs to Shruti and hugs her, and Anupama tells Anuj to take Aadhya’s bag. They leave in the car.

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