Anupama 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Shruti reflects on Anuj’s assurance that nothing can happen to his “Anu.” Aadhya approaches Shruti, inquiring if she felt hurt by Anuj’s words. Shruti admits to feeling strange rather than upset, emphasizing that many years of a relationship cannot be easily forgotten. Aadhya suggests that Anupama doesn’t reciprocate Anuj’s love in the same way. Shruti asserts that love is immeasurable, and there is no greater or lesser love; however, one person may love more than the other. Aadhya shares her feelings of being adopted by Anupama but feeling neglected among her siblings, leading to resentment. Despite Shruti’s attempt to offer a different perspective, Aadhya requests a promise from Shruti never to leave them, to which Shruti reassures that they are her life, and they share a heartfelt hug.

Meanwhile, Kinjal gives a presentation to an investor, hoping for investment in her project. Outside, she finds Toshu engrossed in video games, and the house in disarray with wine bottles and pizza boxes. Kinjal confronts him about neglecting responsibilities and not assisting her. Toshu, uninterested, justifies his actions, leading to a heated argument. Their daughter, Angel, intervenes, threatening to involve their grandmother if the fights persist. She expresses her preference for staying with Dadi.

Baa experiences a headache, and Mahi offers to massage her head, sharing how she used to do the same for the warden. Baa appreciates Mahi’s care and questions if she felt hurt by Pakhi’s words. Mahi deflects the question, offering to call Pakhi for head and foot massages. Kavya observes Mahi’s efforts to win over everyone, including Vanraj.

Later, Toshu questions Kinjal about meeting Anupama against his wishes. Kinjal defends her actions, emphasizing Anupama’s support and blessings. Pakhi approaches Toshu, asking him not to leave and proposing a partnership for her online store. Titu agrees to stay on the condition of helping with her work. Ishani expresses her desire for Titu to stay, while Anupama wakes up in a new environment, saved by Beeji from a fire at her restaurant. Beeji reassures Anupama, and Yashdeep brings her belongings, including a photo of her children. Anupama reflects on her unpredictable life and kisses her children’s photo.

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