Anupama 22nd February 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 22nd February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Kinjal tells Anupama that she said no to marrying Toshu, but he didn’t agree. Anupama asks when and how Anuj and Toshu met. Kinjal says she’ll explain everything. Toshu thinks that once he works in Anuj Kapadia’s company, he’ll make good money, buy a car like Anuj’s, and luxury watches. He believes his luck is about to change and says that money brings a different kind of happiness to a person’s face. Meanwhile, some shady business partners are coming to his house but don’t find him there. Anupama wonders why Toshu wants to complicate things further when everything is already complicated. Kinjal shows Anupama a board where she explained to Toshu that he is not related to Anuj. Anupama strikes the board and wonders why God is putting her through this, first meeting Shruti, then Toshu, Pari, and Kinjal. She then found out about Aadhya and Anuj and learned that Shruti is his fiancée. All this stress overwhelms her.

Vanraj says he has to go to America for work and needs Anupama’s signature on a NOC (No Objection Certificate). He mentions missing their last visit to Jamnagar for Bua’s grandson’s birth. Baa suggests they visit Toshu, Kinjal, and Pari. Babu ji credits Anupama for everything being well. Vanraj mentions the builder asking for the NOC for a long time. Kavya assures them she and Dimpy will take care of the house. Pakhi interrupts, expressing her desire not to remain single and to marry Tapish. Vanraj questions if she wants to go back to Adhik. Pakhi asserts Adhik is her past and reveals her wish to marry Tapish, leaving everyone shocked.

Pari hugs Anupama and goes to make masala tea for her. Kinjal suggests Anupama talk to Toshu. Anupama says she has no right over Toshu or Anuj and can’t talk to either of them. She advises Kinjal to speak with Toshu since she has a right over him. Anupama warns Toshu to behave if he works for Anuj but refuses to take responsibility for him.

Pakhi’s sudden announcement surprises everyone. Baa criticizes Pakhi for causing them constant distress. Vanraj questions Pakhi’s choice, and Pakhi defends Tapish, listing his qualities. Baa reminds Pakhi of the father she lost. Pakhi persists in her desire to marry Tapish.

Tapish rejects Pakhi’s proposal, stating he can’t even think of her in his worst dreams. Pakhi argues that Baa should be happy she’s leaving after marriage. Vanraj expresses his dislike for Tapish and Pakhi’s decision. Pakhi defends her desire for love and marriage, citing Vanraj’s own post-marriage affair. Baa rejects Pakhi’s fantasy and warns that even if they agree, Tapish won’t. Pakhi insists Dimpy ask Tapish directly. Vanraj refuses to entertain any more talk of love and marriage, particularly regarding Tapish.

Meanwhile, goons lurk around Toshu’s house. Pari asks Anupama how the masala tea is. Anupama likes it. Kinjal inquires if Anuj is truly marrying Shruti. Anupama confirms and expresses her happiness for Anuj. Kinjal asks if Anuj loves Shruti more than Anupama. Anupama explains that love isn’t about comparison; it’s about being happy. She wishes Anuj and Shruti a happy life together. Anupama acknowledges that sometimes parents make tough decisions for their children’s happiness, even if it means staying apart. She confides in Kinjal about Choti’s (Pakhi’s) resentment towards her and how it pains her. The doorbell rings, and Pari rushes inside, alarmed by the presence of the goons, leaving Anupama and Kinjal shocked.

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