Anupama 21st January 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 21st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Devika attempts to reach Anupama, shedding tears when her calls go unanswered. Wondering about Anu’s whereabouts, Devika expresses the need for her friend’s solace. Meanwhile, Anupama shares Indian sweets with Alex, explaining that she had celebrated the Indian festival of Makar Sankranti and Lohri the previous day. She dances for Alex, who suggests joining her if she’s free. Anupama agrees, considering it her break time, and they dance together. Kinjal and Angel observe the dancers, recognizing them as the same musicians.

Vanraj discovers Tapish on the floor in Tapish’s room, offering assistance and expressing concern. Tapish, reminiscing about moments with Dimpy, smiles. Dimpy, too, reflects on her moments with Tapish. Rahul serves tea to Yashdeep, praising Anupama’s multitasking abilities. Anupama receives a greeting card from Pari, arranged by KD. Surprised and emotional, Anupama finds Pari and Kinjal outside the restaurant. Overwhelmed, she hugs and kisses Pari, with Yashdeep and Rahul observing. Vikram arrives, and Yashdeep wonders about Anu’s family, while Anupama takes a break.

Outside, Anupama hugs Kinjal and Pari, shedding tears. Vikram comments on the hidden pain behind Anupama’s smile. Vanraj senses that Dimpy and Titu are hiding something, overhearing their conversation about breaking barriers. Imagining Titu and Dimpy planning to elope and marry, Vanraj becomes agitated, vowing not to lose Ansh.

Anupama confides in Kinjal, expressing gratitude for her visit. Kinjal explains that they saw the restaurant name on the sweets box and deduced Anupama’s location from their meeting with the musicians. Anupama hugs Kinjal, troubled by Toshu’s refusal to meet her. Kinjal reveals that Toshu has changed, and her husband, Paritosh, has also transformed. Toshu, on a call with Kinjal, remains aloof and unresponsive. Kinjal shows Angel playing with KD to reassure Toshu but keeps their meeting a secret. Anupama calls Pari and plans to teach her Indian dance, reminiscing about taking care of her when she was born. Kinjal comments on how Dadi used to love Anupama more than anyone else. Anupama and Kinjal prepare to leave.

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