Anupama 20th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 20th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Anupama is in the car with Yashdeep, while Shruti and Anuj are in another car. Shruti suggests telling an ant and elephant joke to break the silence, expressing how the quietness is getting to her. Yashdeep confesses to Anupama that he is scared of awkward silences, sharing that, unlike gun sounds which he’s accustomed to in the army, silence makes him uncomfortable. Anupama expresses surprise upon learning that Yashdeep is from the Indian Army and greets him with a “Jai Hind,” mentioning that it’s her first time meeting someone from the army.

Meanwhile, Kavya confronts Vanraj, accusing Pakhi of making wrong choices and blaming him for blindly supporting her. She urges Vanraj to persuade Pakhi to reconcile with Adhik, emphasizing the responsibility of being a responsible father-in-law and earning respect rather than snatching it. As Vanraj observes Titu and Dimpy playing with kids, Kavya continues to express her concerns.

Yashdeep shares his journey post-army service, revealing that he took retirement and came to the village after a call from Beeji. Anupama narrates her own story, attributing her presence to destiny and thanking Yashdeep for the various favors he has done for her. The conversation shifts to lighthearted moments, with Shruti suggesting a destination wedding, and Anupama discussing Yashdeep’s disciplined approach.

Later, Anupama informs Rahul about Yashdeep’s arrival and mentions their contrasting personalities. Yashdeep joins them and calls for a “Jai Hind,” declaring himself their boss for the next few days. He emphasizes teamwork and discipline and mentions his simple preferences for food.

In another scene, Angel shares her reluctance to attend belly dancing class with Kinjal, expressing a preference for the place where an Indian lady was dancing. Toshu interrupts, and Kinjal asks Angel not to mention it to Toshu. Toshu arrives for breakfast, unaware of the secret plans.

Anupama serves a sandwich to Yashdeep, who playfully teases her about the missing butter and jelly. Anuj calls Devika and briefly talks about his current situation and feelings. He expresses concern about Anupama’s well-being and seeks information about her whereabouts. Devika, initially dismissive, eventually reveals that Anupama is in America, but Anuj insists on more details, desperate to find her. The call ends with Anuj expressing his emotional turmoil.

The episode concludes with Vanraj questioning Dimpy in the kitchen, suspecting someone’s presence. Dimpy, with Titu, tries to avoid suspicion, and Anuj makes a distressing call to Devika, seeking information about Anupama’s whereabouts.

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