Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Eapisode Update

Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Anupama tells that she felt like everything was over and there was no reason to live, but now everything seems to have changed, life has given her another chance and she realizes that her happiness is worth it. May be right, she has failed twice. . Anuj thinks she is talking about two marriages. Anupama says that life has given me a third chance and now I feel that this chance will change my life completely and I am ready for this change. Anuj says you are doing well, you will get a chance to move ahead in life. He says you deserve it and says I saw many things in Mr. Dhillon’s eyes, responsibility, care, love in his eyes, I think you two can live happily together. are Anupama asks her to stop and says I was not talking about Yashdeep sir, but superstar chef and I entered the wild card contest again. Anuj gets happy and says this is good news, you should have told me earlier. He feeds her sweets. She also feeds him sweets. He says that this is wonderful news. She says that she is very happy and tells that Yashdeep Sir said that it is the first time that a contestant got a chance again. Anuj asks her to focus on the competition and says that he will take care of Shruti and Aadhya. Anupama says Rock it Anupama.

Mahi and Ashu refuse to play cricket with Ansh. Ansh breaks their doll. Kavya and Dumpy scold Ansh. Kavya says if you do wrong, even magic uncle will scold you. Vinraj comes there and says no one will say anything to Ansh, I will handle all complaints. She left with Ansh. Dumpy asks why is he hyper?

Aadhya comes to the kitchen. Anupama asked him to sit down and drink water from a glass and not from a bottle. Adhya takes a glass of water, sits down and drinks the water. Anupama says so much food is made, who will eat. She says she will feed Shruti and leaves. Aadhya comes near the food and smells it. He seems to get it. Anupama looks at her hide and thinks she liked my food as a child, now she might like it. Adhya gets happy. Anupama says my hopes are rising to feed them with my own hands. Anupama comes to Shruti’s room and sees Anuj talking to Shruti. She turns to leave, when Shruti calls her. Anupama comes in and says she has come to give medicine. Shruti says I will take medicine, but not turmeric milk. Anupama insisted. Shruti takes it. She congratulates Anupama for her competition. She asks him to sit. Anupama says she has to know the names of the ingredients in English and will prepare for the competition. Anuj asks Shruti to rest and says the nurse has gone for dinner and will be back. Shruti says we will fix the marriage date else I will feel insecure. She says I am scared, wondering if we will get married or not. Anuj asks her not to stress and says that once you get well, everything will be fine.

Anupama reads the English names of vegetables. Anuj listens to her and corrects her. He asked if you want I can help you, as you said finals are due in two days. He says what will you do if you don’t understand the names of vegetables. She asks if Salman is Khan then what is Salman? Anuj says it is fish, I m quiet in salmon. Anupama asks more names. She says she can’t remember. He asks her to remember the name according to the story. They have a laugh. Shruti gets worried hearing them laughing loudly. Anupama says if I touch meat, baa will not leave me. Shruti couldn’t bear their laughter and threw her medicine box to stop them. Anuj and Anupama run to Shruti. Anuj asks Shruti what happened? Shruti tells her that she woke up from her sleep and the box was kicked by her leg. She tells that she had a bad dream that he was going far away from her. She holds his hand. Anupama picked up the broken glass and the medicine box. She goes out. Shruti asks him to close the door. The nurse asked what happened. Anupama asks her not to keep the box near the legs. Nurse Anna says she put it on the table. Anupama is bleeding from her hand.

Vinraj tells Ansh that if he kills Ansh, he will kill the magic uncle. Babu ji pats Vinraj’s head and says if you kill Tito, I will kill you. He sends Vinraj away and explains that he used to scold his children when they were small and now Dumpy and Tito have the same right. Vinraj says that Tito is not his father and is his step father. Kavya says not everyone is like you and says she is a step mother, but she never abused children. Vinraj thinks that Tito will become a father first and smiles. Anupama comes to Adhya’s room and covers her with a blanket. Anupama says Kanha ji take care of my daughter.

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