Anupama 18th March 2024 Written Eapisode Update

Anupama 18th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama 18 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Anuj thinks about Anupama and remembers putting flowers in her hair. He starts to cry a little and becomes poetic. He puts a candle on a piece of cake and says, “I’ve celebrated your birthday every year since our college days.” Then he sings the Happy Birthday song to her and cuts the cake, saying, “Happy birthday, Anupama.”

In the morning, Anupama prays and hopes to find Toshu, believing he might call or come to see Mr. Shah. Pari brings a card she made with her mom’s help and wishes Anupama a happy birthday. Anupama is happy and sees an angel with many hands on the card. Pari explains it’s like Superman and Spiderman, perfect in every way, just like Anupama. She asks when they’ll cut the cake, and Kinjal says after Anupama returns from school.

Pari leaves, and Kinjal wishes Anupama a happy birthday. Baa comes with Vanraj and asks if something special is happening. Kinjal tells her it’s Anupama’s birthday, and Baa wishes her, albeit with a taunt. Kinjal suggests Baa wish her directly, which she does. Anupama touches Baa’s feet, and Baa mentions they forgot because Anupama distanced herself. Anupama recalls nobody remembering her birthday even when they were close. Vanraj asks if Anuj sent her flowers.

Aadhya asks Anuj about the cake in his office and reminds him of Shruti, saying she loves her and doesn’t want to lose her mother. Anuj assures he’s just going to the office and leaves. Shruti overhears them.

Vanraj mentions Anupama’s boss and Beeji haven’t sent any work. Baa complains about Beeji, calling her a show-off. Anupama defends Beeji, calling her like a mother in this foreign land. Vanraj asks about Yashdeep, but Anupama dismisses it, focusing on finding Toshu.

Dimpy is excited about going abroad, and Kavya suggests Anupama will support them. Anupama thanks everyone at the restaurant for making her birthday special after 5 years of not celebrating. Yashdeep asks her to open her gift.

In the kitchen, Dimpy and Kavya see Babu ji making custard for Anupama’s birthday, hoping everything goes well in her life.

Anupama opens her gift to find chai masala, which surprises her. Beeji explains they packed it as a special gift. Anupama hugs her, and they take photos. Babu ji regrets not supporting her earlier. Kavya reassures him, and they promise to stand by each other.

Anupama jokes about her chai masala being famous everywhere, and they decide to open a restaurant. Kinjal informs Vanraj and Baa about the party Beeji and Yashdeep are throwing for Anupama. Baa agrees to come, but Vanraj says he’s busy.

Anuj finds Anupama’s phone off and charges it. He hears the landline ringing and answers it silently.

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