Anupama 18th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 18th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Anuj receives a call and excuses himself, leaving Aadhya in Shruti’s company. Shruti offers Aadhya hot chocolate, and as she smiles and accepts it, Aadhya recalls Anuj’s recent words. She expresses her desire for her parents to be present at the upcoming marriage, questioning why they should wait for two months. Aadhya emphasizes the importance of their family being genuine and not built on anything unreal. Surprisingly, she asks Shruti to assume a maternal role for her, indicating her intention to put an end to their love story before it rekindles.

Meanwhile, Baa, Kavya, and others gather for the Sankranti celebration. Ansh and Mahi both go after the same kite, resulting in Ansh falling and accusing Mahi of pushing him. Pakhi intervenes, scolding Mahi and almost slapping her. Kavya defends her daughter, and Pakhi blames Kavya’s leniency for Mahi’s behavior. Vanraj arrives and reprimands Pakhi, advising her to let Dimpy handle the children. Kavya dismisses the kids, and Pakhi accuses Kavya of being a gossip girl who spices up stories.

Vanraj joins the kite-flying festivities, with neighbors cheering for him. Dimpy also participates, and Titu, a celebrity, arrives. Titu holds the kite’s thread roll, and Dimpy hints at a hidden pain. Pakhi signals Vanraj, who shouts for Dimpy to join him. Aadhya notices Anuj sleeping on the sofa and provides him with a blanket. Anuj wakes up and leaves, causing Aadhya to worry that he might be meeting Joshi ben. Neighbors recognize Titu as a celebrity and cheer for him.

Beeji sneaks into the restaurant at night, startling Anupama. Mistaking her for a thief, Anupama grabs kitchen tools. Beeji clarifies her intention and mentions a real thief, who runs away when they shout at him. Aadhya frets about Anuj possibly meeting Joshi ben and realizes he left his phone at home. Shruti informs her that Anuj went to pick up models from the airport and suggests calling his assistant for confirmation. Aadhya, uncertain, wonders if she should share something with Shruti.

Meanwhile, Titu and Vanraj engage in kite-flying, and Titu gains cheers from the crowd. He dances and celebrates as Mahi looks on, and Dimpy signals something to Vanraj. Vanraj questions Dimpy about her gestures, and she reveals that Ishani is missing.

Anupama, concerned about Beeji’s well-being, asks if Sir is fine and if Beeji reached home safely. Beeji assures her and insists that she has come for Anupama, not to search for her son. She invites Anupama to her house for a function and suggests changing into a different saree. Anupama hesitates, citing professional boundaries with Yashpal, but Beeji encourages her to balance professionalism and personal life. Anupama reluctantly agrees, getting worried about the unexpected late-night event.

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