Anupama 17th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Anupama 17th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

Vanraj angrily pulls his hand away from Mahi and leaves the scene. Confused, Mahi questions Kavya about why her father doesn’t love her and seems upset about her presence. Dimpy consoles Mahi, stating that things aren’t as negative as they appear, and guides her away. Kavya exchanges glances with Baa.

Meanwhile, Anuj prepares Til laddoos, contemplating that the festival doesn’t feel the same anymore. He acknowledges the need to uphold his cultural traditions and teach them to his daughter. Shruti notices Anuj’s unconventional laddoos and playfully criticizes their shape. Anuj, with a bandaged hand, explains the situation, and Shruti offers to help, expressing concern for their well-being. Anuj appreciates Shruti’s understanding, and they share a lighthearted moment.

Anupama is also busy making laddoos. Anuj mentions the grand celebrations of the Gujju community and Anupama expresses interest in learning kite flying. However, Anuj decides not to dwell on his past, fearing it might hurt Aadhya and Shruti. Aadhya suggests going to the festival, and Anuj contemplates their future.

In another conversation, Pakhi questions Kavya about bringing Mahi to the family, considering Vanraj’s disapproval. Kavya defends her decision, stating that children forgive and forget easily. Pakhi expresses concern for Mahi’s well-being, and Kavya emphasizes the importance of a father’s love.

Pakhi complains to Baa about Kavya’s actions, and Baa warns Kavya against interfering in Mahi’s life. Vanraj attributes his father’s distress to Mahi’s presence, prompting Pakhi to predict daily clashes in the household.

At Toshu and Kinjal’s home, Toshu confides in Kinjal about seeing Anupama on the road. Kinjal encourages him to talk to his mother, but Toshu remains reluctant.

The family gathers for the festival, where Anuj and Aadhya light lanterns. Anupama joins them, and their lanterns get entwined in the sky, symbolizing intertwined destinies. Everyone makes wishes, and Titu, feeling romantic, attempts to fly a kite but almost falls. Dimpy saves him, and Pakhi sarcastically wishes their father could witness the romance. Kavya scolds Pakhi and encourages Titu not to give up.

Ansh confronts Mahi, referring to her as an outsider and demanding she stay away from his grandfather. Kavya and Dimpy intervene, and Titu, attempting to fly a kite, gets support from Dimpy. Aadhya suggests a winter vacation, but Anuj seems stressed. Anupama, unknowingly close to Anuj, senses his presence and wonders if he is in America. The festival continues with a mix of emotions and wishes for the future.

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