Anupama 15th March 2024 Written Eapisode Update

Anupama 15th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama 15 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Anuj tells Anupama that Toshu is responsible for the incident. Anupama is shocked by this revelation. Anuj promises to send her the video evidence so she can understand. After the call ends, he expresses frustration towards Toshu. Anuj sends the video to Anupama, who recalls Toshu swearing on her and other recent events. Overwhelmed, she expresses her pain, feeling betrayed by her son. She wonders why Toshu did such a thing.

Meanwhile, Pakhi accuses Anupama of ruining their lives and tarnishing India’s name by going to the US. She shows Babu ji a video, claiming Anupama committed theft. Babu ji is heartbroken and expresses his belief in Anupama’s innocence. Dimpy and Kavya defend Anupama, while Pakhi insists that Anupama is being deceitful. Kavya informs Babu ji that Anupama has been granted bail but might still be punished if found guilty. Babu ji is distraught, and Kavya mentions that Kinjal and Toshu are supporting Anupama.

Anupama sits in shock while Yashdeep approaches her. She shows him the incriminating video of Toshu. Yashdeep sympathizes with Toshu but suggests there may have been extenuating circumstances. Anupama acknowledges Toshu’s difficulties but asserts that they don’t justify his actions. She reflects on Toshu’s past mistakes and expresses her disappointment, feeling that she has lost hope in him.

Later, Anuj shares the video with Shruti, who is shocked. They discuss returning home, and Anuj expresses concern about Shruti’s emotional well-being. Shruti appreciates Anuj’s support and mentions their upcoming wedding, insisting it not be out of sympathy. Anuj agrees, and Aadhya overhears, expressing happiness. Meanwhile, Anupama confronts Toshu and shows the incriminating video to the family. Toshu is speechless as Anupama slaps him.

The next day, Anuj discusses returning home with Shruti, who expresses her desire to leave due to painful memories. Anuj receives a message from the doctor about Shruti’s emotional state. They discuss their impending wedding, with Shruti insisting it not be out of pity. Aadhya overhears and is delighted. Anupama confronts Toshu about the theft, questioning his actions and asking him to confess at the police station.

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