Anupama 10th March 2024 Written Eapisode Update

Anupama 10th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Anupama Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.
Anupama asks the reporter what they said earlier. The reporter questions how Indians can eat with their hands. Anupama explains that they eat with their hands because it’s a tradition to begin meals and prayers with God’s name. She mentions that they also remove obstacles (like thorns) and don’t keep forks on the table. Anupama emphasizes the importance of respecting each other’s cultures. If there’s any confusion, she offers her boss’s translation. Anupama invites the reporter to taste their food, but the reporter prefers to eat with their hands. Anupama respects this choice, and Baa praises her for respecting their culture.

Meanwhile, goons threaten Toshu, who worries about his daughter, Angel. He learns someone took her from school. Anuj, searching for Toshu, arrives and regrets scolding him earlier. The goons warn Toshu and leave. Toshu notices a model wearing diamond jewelry.

Impressed, Anuj thinks Anu is magical. Anupama notices Anuj’s admiration. He receives a call and leaves. Meanwhile, Aadhya informs Anuj that Shru fainted after receiving her father’s ring from the police. Anuj promises to join them after an event. Toshu is instructed to open a diamond locker. The models showcase the jewelry. Toshu, reminded of Kinjal’s words, surrenders the diamond to Anupama’s stall.

Toshu apologizes to Anupama, explaining he hadn’t eaten due to work. Anupama serves him food and feeds him with her hands. She apologizes for accusing him of theft and praises his hard work. Toshu apologizes tearfully and leaves. Vanraj notices Toshu’s distress. Suddenly, the security alarm rings. The police announce the theft of valuable jewelry, planning to search everyone. Anuj apologizes to Mr. Zaveri, and Anupama signals him not to worry. The security check begins, and Anupama’s bag is checked. Toshu nervously watches. The police find a necklace in her bag, leading to her arrest, shocking everyone.

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