Aankh Micholi 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Aankh Micholi 5th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Aankh Micholi Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Rukmani expressing gratitude to Malhar for helping her win. Malhar shares his desire to win a trophy currently held by a navy officer and hopes for its return. Kuch to hua hai…plays in the background. Rukmani smiles as she watches him leave. The audience applauds Rukmani’s victory, but Kesar remains upset. Despite the applause, Kesar appears sad. Mama suggests that Kesar will take the trophy home and give it to Malhar. Mami expresses concern about Kesar’s silence. A girl encourages Sumedh and jokes around. She asks Rupal to capture photos and videos of Kesar receiving the trophy.

Kesar receives the trophy and glances at Sumesh. Rukmani also receives a trophy, and her father applauds her with tears of happiness. The crowd continues to applaud Rukmani, praising her for breaking records. Rukmani expresses her determination to bring criminals to justice and promises to punish them. Malhar, filled with determination, vows not to spare those who harmed Rukmani.

Kesar is asked to call Sumedh to receive the trophy. Sumedh is excited. Mama suggests that Kesar will never accept Sumedh. However, Kesar unexpectedly drops the trophy on the ground, shocking Sumedh. Angrily, she walks away, leaving Sumedh stunned. Kesar asks Jamkudi for ghungroos and refuses Sumedh’s thanks. She scolds him and wears the ghungroos. Meanwhile, Malhar confronts a trainer for harassing Rukmani. Rukmani intervenes, revealing that she got the trainer terminated. The trainer argues, and Rukmani persuades Malhar to leave.

Malhar expresses his intention to harm the trainer, but Rukmani convinces him otherwise, suggesting that she will become an IPS officer and handle it legally. She jokes about the situation, and Malhar flirts with her. He reminds her of an unanswered question, expressing his feelings for her. Rukmani responds with a playful smile and walks away.

Back at the celebration, Kesar dances, and Sumedh urges everyone to join in. The ladies dance, and Sumedh praises Kesar, requesting Jamkudi to never insult her.

Rukmani salutes her father, expressing her fear of losing. Her father reassures her and promises a celebration when she becomes an IPS officer. The trainer observes their conversation and vows to change Rukmani’s life before her graduation in 10 days.

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