Aankh Micholi 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Aankh Micholi 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Rukmani and Malhar having a conversation. Rukmani shares that her mother was murdered 15 years ago, and her goal is to become the best IPS officer to find the culprit. Inspector Gujral meets Kesar, recalling their past involvement in Dollar Seth’s case. Rukmani expresses her determination to bring the perpetrator to justice. Kesar, content with her family life, is praised by Gujral for her bravery. Rukmani, however, feels that bravery suits people like Kesar, not women like herself, and decides to send halwa as a gesture.

Reflecting on Dollar Seth’s malicious actions, Rukmani regrets not handling the situation differently, realizing she could have avoided losing Vijay. Rukmani and Malhar visit the academy, where Rukmani notices a trainer staring at a girl. She playfully questions the trainer and scolds him, while Malhar finds amusement in the situation. Rukmani receives applause from everyone.

Sumedh, in a video call with Malhar, reveals his struggle to find a bride and expresses exhaustion. Malhar advises him to be patient and assures him that special things take time. Rukmani engages with the girls at the academy, discussing Malhar, and they praise him. Malhar, seeking Rukmani’s help, asks her to sing a song, and Sumedh obliges by singing “Tu Chahiye.” Malhar dances, and Rukmani, intrigued by the music, joins them.

As it starts raining, Malhar takes the umbrella from Rukmani and later throws it away. Holding her hand, he gives her a candle and expresses his love, surprising her with the words “I love you.” Rukmani receives a call from her father, recalling his words. Malhar proposes to her, and despite her joking response, he remains optimistic about her feelings.

Back at Kesar’s home, Sumedh prepares tea and presents it to Kesar, who appreciates it. Kesar blesses Sumedh with a flower, and Mama suggests he start working. Sumedh, elated, continues to stay happy. Kesar, while praying, ignores Sumedh. Malhar calls Kesar and assures her that he will bring the best cadet trophy, expressing his love for her.

Sumedh, feeling blessed, heads to his shop. Rukmani speaks to her father on a call, asking about Piyush and Sonal. He assures her that they are doing well. Rukmani emphasizes her focus on the goal of winning the best IPS trophy. Her father expresses pride in her and promises to come and witness her achievement.

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