Aankh Micholi 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Aankh Micholi 24th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode commences with Sumedh seated on the roadside, tears streaming down his face. Despite his distress, he begins to sing. Meanwhile, Rukmani works on a tattoo sketch. Mami notes that Sumedh has been sitting outside since the previous night, and his condition worsens as he falls sick, shivering in the cold. Kesar, witnessing his plight, closes the door on him. After a while, Sumedh regains consciousness. However, Kesar denies him entry, prompting Rukmani to cry. In an attempt to change her fortunes, Kesar visits the tattoo maker and demands a modification, haunted by Vijay’s words. She expresses her emotional pain, asking to erase the existing tattoo, which is promptly done. Sumedh remains outside, and Malhar arrives with a plate of food for him.

Rukmani visits the police station, presenting the sketch to a constable. Despite their agreement to inform her upon catching the woman in question, the constable scolds her when the papers fall. Meanwhile, Kesar mourns Vijay’s loss, and the neighbors encourage Sumedh to file a case against Kesar as Vijay’s son. Sumedh refuses, and Kesar observes the situation. Mami urges Kesar to end the drama. Ward boys arrive to take Sumedh to an orphanage, citing a new home where he won’t have his mother. Sumedh escapes, and Dollar receives medical attention, with Sumedh reminiscing about Kesar.

Sumedh reaches the ghat and encounters Rukmani, who is praying. He encourages her to stay strong and pursue justice for her mother. Returning home, Sumedh pleads with Kesar, but she distances herself. Mami informs Kesar about Malhar’s refusal to take medicine, and Sumedh intervenes, advising Malhar to prioritize his health. Kesar stops Sumedh from leaving and compels Malhar to take the medicine. Malhar, in a faint state, emphasizes Sumedh’s importance and requests he stays. Kesar relents, and Sumedh feeds the medicine to Malhar, promising to fulfill any request. Kesar scolds Sumedh and leaves, while Sumedh, recalling Rukmani’s words, smiles.

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