Aankh Micholi 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Aankh Micholi 23rd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Dollar preparing to shoot Kesar. Vijay witnesses this and rushes to save her, but ends up getting shot himself. As Kesar turns around, she is shocked to see Vijay wounded. Dollar aims the gun at Kesar, but his accomplice pulls him aside. Rukmani’s father arrives at the scene, calling out for her. Chaos ensues as people run, and Vandana, Rukmani’s dad, tries to locate her. Unfortunately, Vijay succumbs to his injuries, leaving Kesar devastated.

In an attempt to protect herself, Kesar grabs a pot and strikes Dollar, causing the gun to fall at her feet. Despite Dollar’s plea for forgiveness, Kesar vows that he won’t leave alive for killing her husband. She shoots in desperation, and a servant intervenes, leading Kesar away. Rukmani signals Vandana, who is searching for her, and Kesar picks up the gun. Dollar warns Kesar about the consequences of shooting him, but she accuses him of killing her husband and shoots randomly. Vandana is tragically shot dead, leaving Kesar in shock.

Devastated by Vandana’s death, Kesar mourns Vijay and performs his final rites. Rukmani and her siblings grieve for Vandana as Kesar takes care of them. In the aftermath, the officer praises Kesar for her courage and promises to bring Dollar Seth to justice. Vijay’s belongings, including a letter, are handed over to Kesar. As Kesar’s brother takes the belongings, she discovers a ring and the letter. The letter reveals Vijay’s love for Palak and his son Sumedh, confessing his mistake and asking Kesar to care for Sumedh. This revelation shocks Kesar, who stops Sumedh from performing the final rites.

At the funeral pyre, Kesar hands the firetorch to Malhar, and they all mourn Vijay’s death. Rukmani grieves for Vandana and recalls the tattoo on Kesar’s hand. Kesar returns home, instructing Sumedh to leave as she disavows any relationship with him. Sumedh, confused and hurt, insists that she claimed to be his mother. Kesar, angered by the situation, pushes Sumedh away, closes the door, and breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Rukmani goes to the police station, urging them to catch the woman with the tattooed hand. Despite her insistence, the constable dismisses her claims, leaving Rukmani frustrated and Sumedh heartbroken. Kesar, alone and grieving, struggles with the revelations and the loss of her husband.

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