Aankh Micholi 22nd March 2024 Written Episode Update

Aankh Micholi 22nd March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Aankh Micholi 22 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode commences with Sumedh pouring out his emotions to Rukmani, expressing his readiness to hear about her father’s dream. He suggests they discuss it at the ghat, evoking tears from Rukmani. Meanwhile, Shivani, in a fit of rage, hurls furniture around, prompting Prisha to speculate about her mental state. Shivani explains her actions, emphasizing the need to feign distress to garner sympathy from Kesar. She concocts a plan involving fake injuries and a fabricated theft, ultimately involving the police.

As the police interrogate them, Prisha fabricates an alibi, claiming to have been asleep in her room while her father lay unconscious. The police depart, unaware of the deception. Shivani celebrates their success, confident that neither the police nor Kesar will uncover their scheme. Kesar expresses concern for the household and the girls, resolving to call them in the morning.

Prisha suggests they deceive Kesar, fearing her punishment and prioritizing her education and career aspirations. Despite Mama ji’s reassurances, Rukmani remains distraught. Sumedh attempts to console her, but Kesar interrupts with a jest about his cough. Upon calling out for Rukmani, Kesar realizes she may have retired for the night. Rukmani, however, plagued by memories and emotions, vents her frustration by discarding her jewelry and contacting Bakula.

In a late-night conversation, Rukmani accuses Bakula of deceiving her by arranging her marriage to a tea seller, belittling her dreams and reducing her life to a mere marital obligation. Bakula and Sonal, worried by Rukmani’s distress, attempt to pacify her. Rukmani demands answers, questioning Bakula’s motives and decision to keep her in the dark. Bakula, justifying her actions as a means to secure Rukmani’s future, promises to discuss matters further during Pagphere, but Rukmani insists on immediate clarity. The call ends abruptly, leaving Rukmani in tears as she contemplates her constrained existence, finding solace only in releasing a cow, symbolic of freedom denied to her.

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