Aankh Micholi 22nd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Aankh Micholi 22nd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode commences with young Rukmani diligently filling a water drum. Her father scolds her, emphasizing the importance of punctuality for her aspiration to become an IPS officer. Dismissing the notion of fairs and dreams, he insists that her life’s aim is to win a trophy. Despite the scolding, Rukmani remains determined. Later, she patches up a hole in the drum with a stick, earning a smile from her father.

Back at home, Rukmani’s mother tends to her foot sprain while her father warns her against feigning dramas. Rukmani reflects on her father’s dreams for her and contemplates her own desire to attend a fair, which her father disapproves of. To fulfill her wish, she lies about it, but her mother refuses to take her due to the lie.

Meanwhile, Malhar proudly wears a policeman’s uniform, relishing the power it represents. However, his jealousy surfaces when Sumedh, his friend, becomes the favorite of Malhar’s father. In a fit of anger, Malhar humiliates Sumedh by making him drop a doctor’s coat and later reveals an orphan note, leading to a confrontation with Karina.

In another storyline, Rukmani’s desire to attend the fair prevails, and she convinces her mother to take her. At the ghat, she encounters Sumedh, who confesses to being an orphan. Rukmani advises him to pray for his mother’s return and gives him a coin as a symbol of his wish.

The narrative takes a turn when Sumedh’s wish seemingly comes true, as a lady appears, claiming to be his mother. Rukmani’s mother witnesses the emotional reunion, while Vijay contemplates revealing Sumedh’s truth. However, a newcomer, Dollar Seth, arrives, offering a tempting but illicit business proposal involving the tea stall.

Despite the promise of significant earnings, Kesar vehemently rejects Dollar’s proposal, defending her principles. In response, Dollar retaliates with anger, but Kesar stands her ground. The story shifts to a fair where Rukmani’s family and Kesar’s family are present. Amidst the festivities, Malhar devises a plan to teach Sumedh a lesson.

As the episode unfolds, Malhar finds himself in a perilous situation on a giant wheel ride, leading to a dramatic climax where Rukmani and Sumedh must collaborate to save him. Dollar’s anger escalates, resulting in a shocking act of violence against Kesar, leaving Rukmani in disbelief.

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