Aankh Micholi 17th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Aankh Micholi 17th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Aankh Micholi 17 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Kesar telling Rukmani and Sumedh to get out of the car or she will walk instead. Sumedh tells Rukmani to get out, so they walk. Shivani finds a hidden necklace and decides to wear it despite Mama ji warning her not to. Prisha arrives and Shivani hides under a blanket, pretending to be sick. Prisha refuses to cook, saying she needs to study. Shivani suggests ordering food, and they agree. They worry about getting caught stealing money from Kesar to buy jewelry but decide to focus on their future.

Sumedh and Rukmani talk, and Sumedh expresses his desire to become the best son for Kesar. Rukmani shares her father’s dream with him. Later, they encounter a street performance, and Rukmani’s veil flies off. After giving money to the performers, they continue their journey. Kesar scolds them for walking slowly and tells them to hurry up and get back in the car.

At the Dharamshala, they negotiate the price for a mattress. Meanwhile, a thief steals a woman’s necklace. Rukmani gives chase, with Kesar and others following. Rukmani manages to catch the thief and returns the necklace to the woman, but Kesar scolds her for her actions, saying it’s not her place to act like a police officer. Rukmani feels disheartened.

Meanwhile, Mama ji plans to take Shivani to the temple in hopes of getting her married to someone in the US. Prisha decides to attend a party. Rukmani washes Kesar’s stained saree, and with the help of Pankti’s advice, manages to remove the stains. Kesar is surprised by the result.

Sumedh informs Kesar about an event where he will be honored, and they plan to attend after a temple ceremony. Rupal praises Sumedh for his supportive nature. Rukmani expresses her aspirations to become an IPS officer, inspired by Sumedh’s encouragement.

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